Refrigerant is a chemical compound that is commonly used in air conditioners, refrigerators, or other cooling devices. For air conditioners, this compound functions as a fluid to absorb the heat from indoor air, and expel it outside the room to provide cold air.

Because it is a chemical compound or gas, refrigerant has no color and does not emit any odor. Thus, it can suddenly leak without being noticed. This is definitely very dangerous! Not only will it hinder the cooling ability of the air conditioner. But refrigerant is also very dangerous if inhaled - it can cause various problems such as difficulty breathing, irritation of the eyes, nose, swelling of the throat, and even cause mortality. 

Many factors can cause an air conditioner refrigerant to leak. Here are some of the main reasons why it can occur!

Incorrect Pipe Connection

The first cause of the air conditioner leaking can be due to an imperfect installation pipe connection. This could be because the bolt is not rotated tight enough, thus the refrigerant can leak from the gap of this bolt.

It could also be due to imperfect welding when making pipe installation connections. Keep in mind that the refrigerant is in the form of a gas so if there is even the slightest gap, it definitely can be the ultimate reason why it releases into the air.

Worn AC unit

Wear and tear is usually associated with an old air conditioner unit, and this is also one of the causes of leaks in air conditioners. Over time, the joints on the air conditioner can weaken and erode. Additionally, the rubber seals around the valves can wear out and as a result, the air conditioner refrigerant can leak. 

Vibrate Motion 

The compressor motor is one of the most important components of the air conditioner. If the outdoor unit is not properly sealed it will generate vibration and weaken the cooling passages. If the cooling ducts are not installed properly, they will create light vibrations and result in refrigerant leaks in the air conditioning system.

Physical Damage to the Air Conditioner

There are many causes of physical damage to the air conditioner indoor unit. For example, your child may play around the room and accidentally throw something at the air conditioner. It may look okay from the outside, but dangerous things such as refrigerant leaks might happen. What you can do to avoid this, is by raising the air conditioner unit to a higher place.

Knowing what are the signs of refrigerant leaking in the air conditioner is important to ensure the safety and health of your whole family
Signs of Leak in Air Conditioner Refrigerant 

  1. Aircon Temperature Doesn't Feel Cold

The air conditioner should be able to work optimally to stabilize the temperature and humidity of the air. It should also be able to emit cold air, to ensure the air in the room can become cooler. However, if the air conditioner doesn't feel cold even though you have set the temperature, you have to watch out - because this can be a sign that your air conditioner refrigerant is starting to run out.

  1. Aircon Indicator Light Flashing

The air conditioner has a timer indicator light which you should also pay attention to. If the indicator light on the air conditioner starts blinking, then this can be caused by problems with several electronic components, such as the compressor or the air conditioner refrigerant pressure. Thus it is best if you contact a professional technician immediately, to make sure of the issues in your air conditioner. 

  1. A Water Leak Occurs

Air conditioner refrigerant that runs out can also cause clots to form in the air conditioner evaporator and cause water leaks. Therefore, if the air conditioner at your home starts to leak, you should check it right away!

  1. Increased Electricity Costs

If there is damage to the air conditioner, but you don't notice it - and still use it on an everyday basis, then the air conditioner will work extra hard and thus requires more energy. This extra energy use will affect the electricity bill that you have to pay. Therefore, check the air conditioner regularly because it can cause damage and increase the use of power.

  1. Frost Appears in the Installation of Pipe

If you notice frost appears in the installation popes of your air conditioner, this can be another sign of a refrigerant leak. Usually, it occurs in both pipe installations, small pipes (discharge pressure) and large pipes (suction pressure).

Apart from the installation pipe, frost may also appear on the indoor evaporator. However, this cannot be a benchmark lacking refrigerant pressure. Frost on the evaporator can also be caused by the problem at the fan. It may rotate too slowly which can also cause frost on the evaporator.

Therefore, immediately contact a professional technician for a thorough inspection to determine whether the air conditioner is lacking freon or there are other problems.

  1. The Outdoor Unit Does Not Emit Heat

Generally, normal air conditioners will emit hot temperatures in the outdoor unit. This occurs as a result of the cooling process, or the change in heat from low pressure to high pressure.

If there is no hot air coming out of the outdoor unit at all, there is a possibility that there is no or only less refrigerant remaining on the air conditioner. Thus why the cooling process does not occur. When you notice something wrong is happening with the outdoor unit, but you don't check it out immediately -  this can result in total damage to the compressor engine. Problems that arise as a result of this, are usually the temperature of the compressor rising, and thus results in overheating.

The problem of air conditioners leaking refrigerant cannot be taken lightly and certainly, requires more serious action. Doing this will help to ensure your safety and health, and at the same time ensure that the unit is in a good condition. If you notice some signs above in your air conditioner, it is best for you to contact a professional aircon gas top up SG, to ensure your air conditioner can get proper care and handling.

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