After winter there is spring. It comes every time, without worry or doubt. No matter how long the winter, or how strong the winter is, spring will come next. Just as is has done in all the years past. This is the power of absolute. This is the power of knowing. This is the blueprint to achieving.

After winter there is spring applies to many aspects of your life. Life, like most things, works on patterns and cycles. It is in this way that things develop and grow. It is in knowing the patterns and understanding them that your invincible power will ignite. This inner strength is connected to the cycles of life. Each winter brings with it challenges that you must prepare for and plan for. In life you will encounter your personal winters. The challenges that seem like they will last forever. The challenges that drain your energy and enthusiasm.

But know that after winter there is spring. No matter how much it appears that winter will never end, it will. Your personal winter works in the same manner. It is a cycle that cannot be broken by anything. It is how life works. Just like you need summer and fall, you need winter and spring. Your life cannot be forever spring. You cannot grow without experiencing all the personal seasons of life over and over again and again.

The beauty is the the power of absolute.

The power of absolute states:

When believing is no longer a belief, when it become without a doubt, it is the power of absolute. The clarity in the feeling of it, in the surety of it, in the knowing of it, is the power of the absolute. It is knowing without seeing, in the definite, that the power of absolute manifests.

After the winter there is spring is one of the examples of this power. It is part of your invincible power. It is in the knowing with clarity that you will be able to manifest the things that you are focused on. It is the goal to be achieved. To be able to see things without a doubt. Knowing spring will come no matter what is happening during the winter, is a powerful thing. Knowing your personal spring will come will drive you through your personal winter. It is in this way that you can use the power of absolute in many of your goals.

Planning in the absolute, no matter where you are standing now, is how you can achieve the impossible. How you can manifest the big dreams. How you can bring your future self to you. First, you have to accept that growth encompasses all seasons. Then you have to understand that every goal experiences all aspects of growth to become the reality you desire. Then lastly you have to know that your goal will experience these seasons many times along the journey.

Knowing after the winter there is spring will open up the possibilities of next. You will know that the dream will manifest after the cycles of growth have finished, and at that time the dream will be forever in the endless summer.

This is the power of absolute.

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W.T. Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of books and training programs to assist you in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.

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