Once you made the decision to quite and see the help you might start to wonder what is going to give you the best chance of success. You may be at crossroads in deciding whether to treat yourself at home or a recovery treatment center away from home.

However, some addicts decide that the better option is to get treatment far from where they live.

The journey to the treatment facility need not be a long one. Your loved ones would be in a position to visit you without interfering too much with their daily schedule.
Reasons why getting treatment away from your home is so much better:

1. Treatment from experts

Different treatment centers have different treatment plans. There are some facilities which can't offer real treatment depending on the client's needs or problem. Therefore the client would be accessing partial treatment.

As an addict, if you are well informed, or those living with you understand your condition, you can seek for help from the treatment centers offering specialized treatment depending on the type of drug they are addicted to.

2. Keep out of temptation

During the recovery period, staying in the same environment that made you get into abuse drugs and substances may easily lead to relapse. The environment you are in matters a lot when it comes to treating addiction. You need to change your environment as well as the friends you hang out with to help avoid the temptation of going back to using the drugs. If possible, change your friends, place of residence, or even work environment. It can help you have a complete change in your mindset.

3. Secrecy

Most people suffering addiction are not always at ease of revealing their condition. It could be due to the stigma associated with it or other reasons known to them.
Seeking treatment in a far away facility will thus help you get treatment without other people (other than perhaps close family members) knowing about your situation. It gives you the opportunity to heal in an environment best suited for you.

Also, nobody from work will know and thus save you potential alienation or even been overlooked for promotion etc. There is a lot of assumption made about addicts.

4. Meet and make new friends

When you have changed the environment where you live or work, you will always meet people you have never met before. It will, therefore, be easy for you to interact with fellow addicts on treatment and those who are on their recovery path as well as those who have already recovered. All these categories of people will give you the addiction stories and how they overcame it.
Once you have built such relations, it will be easier for you to be in touch with such friends via social media. You can also plan to be meeting on specific set dates to see how you are fairing.

If you have completely turned away from using drugs, you might encourage and help those who experience a relapse.


There are many more advantages for seeking treatment for addiction away from home. Seeking treatment near your place of residence has some pros. Before making a decision, you have to check on the advantages and disadvantages of each. You can always seek professional advice on the best option to go for, depending on your condition.

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