The challenge of medical waste management is real and present throughout the world. In the US, for instance, each state has their rules and regulations regarding medical waste disposal and management, this is a problem that is better addressed by the relevant healthcare facilities.

Causes of Medical Waste Problems

When it comes to pinpointing the specific causes of medical waste pollution, stakeholders across the industry often throw blames at one another for not doing enough to ensure that all medical waste is properly disposed of. While most facilities have done their best through contracting medical waste disposal services, such as Daniels Health, this seems not to be solving the problem. Here are some of the main causes of this problem.

• Illegal dumping by medical facilities
• Improper transportation of medical waste
• Improper disposing of medical wastes by waste disposal companies
Looking at the three causes mentioned above, it is almost clear that medical waste disposal companies have a big role to play in ensuring that waste from medical facilities does not end up affecting the clinical environment. This also means that hospitals and other health facilities should put adequate measures to ensure that they partner with the right waste disposal companies.


When choosing waste disposal firms, it is inherently crucial that health facilities check the quality of service providers they contract. A good rule of thumb involves working with companies that are certified to dispose of waste. This is one of the ways through which medical facilities can play their role in ensuring that wastes from their institutions do not affect the environment.

In that regard, consider looking at the practices that medical waste disposal companies use to ensure that the clinical environment is not compromised. For instance, when bins are wheeled from the ICU to the loading dock, the chances of spreading infections are very high.

Static Bins

If you are partnering with a waste disposal company, it is crucial for the health facility to ask whether the company will provide them with static containers. These containers are often placed at strategic points throughout the facility to ensure that any kind of waste is not left lying around. But is that enough to control infections from medical waste? It is probably not.

Lidded Static Bins

All static bins should not be left open whether they are in patient wards or in the outdoors. A good rule of thumb is to insist on containers that have lids with secure locking to reduce the chances of the waste polluting the clinical environment. The containers should also be emptied regularly to avoid spillages.

High-Pressure Disinfections

Companies such as Daniels Health often ensure that these static containers undergo high-pressure sanitization. The continuous use of static containers without proper washing also poses another infection problem. Think of the number of medical staff and patients that will open and close the lids each time they throw waste in the bins. This is enough to spread infections all through the facility.

Even as discussions into improving medical waste disposal are in play, some of these simple practices can help avert serious medical waste pollution problems.

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