No matter what age a woman is, one common attire that all the women have in their wardrobe is a collection of a variety of tops. Tops are a woman’s go-to attire and it is one of the easiest attires to style because you can style your tops with anything. You can wear jeans, shorts, skirts, wide-leg pants and even joggers with a top. Tops are very versatile, there are many varieties of tops. So here are a few must-have tops in your top collection.

  1. Printed Tops

Printed tops are best suited for summers, as the tops contain prints of flowers, cute kittens, cartoon characters, and many more. Printed tops tend to make you look more younger. So, whenever you want to look cute go with printed tops.

  1. Stripes

Stripes are never out of trend. One common type of top worn for decades is a top with stripes. Striped tops never get old. They give you a very formal look. You can always wear them to the office, meetings, and on any other formal occasion.

  1. Polka Dots

Polka dot tops where a large number of small dots are printed on a plain top. This kind of top gives you a retro look and is very trendy in recent days.

  1. Crop Tops

A crop top covers your upper body that is until your waist. You can style them with high waist jeans. Crop tops are best suited when you want to wear a casual outfit. Crop tops are simple yet they give you a classic look.

  1. Plain shirts

The best place to wear plain shirts is for work. Everyone has to wear formal clothes for work, so you can buy a variety of colors of plain shirts and style them with any bottoms like jeans, formal pants and skirts. Always opt for a plain shirt when you want a formal look.

  1. Over-Sized T-shirts

T-shirts are in trend for decades, but in recent days over sized t-shirts are trending very much, where the size of the t-shirt is larger than the normal size. You can pair them with tight-fitted jeans and a casual pair of shoes.

  1. Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Sweatshirts and hoodies are comfort clothes you can pair with jeans, joggers, and shorts. It is best suited for winter. You can always wear a sweatshirt or a hoodie when you want a casual look.

Not only these there are many designs in tops such as cold shoulders, off-shoulders, puff sleeves, full sleeves, sleeveless, high neck, turtle neck, ribbed tops, tank tops, and many more. You can find all these trendy tops for women on CC Wholesale Clothing. Place your order now to get these trendy tops.

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