There is a certain way you can act that is powerful. Acting is that which receives. It is a tool of creation, the others being thought and words. Thought, words, and action are the tools that you use to create your world.

Thoughts create on one level, the highest vibratory level.

Words step down that vibration into a realm we can begin to sense.

Actions finally bring the vibration of that which we thought up into a realm we can touch and see. Actions, therefore, are the stage at which we receive our creations.

Let us look at actions for a moment.

Actions are the last stage of creation, and are only effective to the extent that they are in line you’re your thought and word, and your state of being (the source of the tools of creation).

When you act, first know why you are acting. What is it for? What is your goal? By your goal shall your fruits be. Then go ahead and act. In your acting, have no doubt, no regrets, and no hesitation. Act all the way to the end. Then take responsibility for your actions, for responsibility is what puts you in a position of power because by owning your actions and their effects, you are in a position to respond. Responsibility gives you response-ability.

Act with the joy, passion and finality of a person acting as if that was the last action they were performing on earth before they pass on. It may be. Unless it isn’t. How would you perform your next act if you knew it was your last? With careful consideration, with full presence and engagement, relishing it, and not attached to the outcome (since you wont be around to see the outcome). Your main concern would be to really enjoy your last act, enjoy the process and not the end of it. And you would act as if it was your last stand, unwavering. You would fear nothing, for at that point all fear would clearly be False Evidence Appearing Real. Act for the sake of acting. Not for the goal, not for your personal reason or expected result. But simply for spirit. Act for the universal sake of All That Is, What You Are together with all creation. For while you may be the one doing the act, you may not be in a position to know the true purpose of that action. You may have a goal for it, but that is just a motivator.

For example, say that your goal in an action is to make a certain amount of money. This goal came from a thought, did it not? And where did that thought come from? It came either from your ego (in which case it was a fear masquerading as something else such as a desire to get rich so as to have acceptance) or it came from Your Spirit, in which case it has an effect and sequence of events that may be beyond your imagination. If it came from ego, let spirit correct. If it came from Spirit, Spirit knows the big picture and the exact sequence of events that would lead to the best outcome for you (you are Spirit, even though part of you may not be aware of this). So Spirit, Your Higher Self, inspired you by dropping the thought in your mind, along with a goal as a motivator. Just act on the inspiration. It has built in its own intelligence and pathways that you may not know.

So don’t get attached to the outcome – have a goal, but don’t get attached to a particular outcome in the moment of Now. Let What Is be. What Is Right Now is Life, let it Be. Don’t say ‘I am failing now because right now things are not as I expected.’ That is attachment and it can only lead to more negativity. Learn from it, accept it, then choose different for the next moment, but for Now, accept it as it is. What you resist persists.

Do you know how you get into trouble? By labelling something as wrong, bad, shameful, guilty, and so on. The moment you do that, you disown a part of yourself. And sooner or later, you find yourself in a spot in which you are faced with that which you labelled as bad right in the middle of your life! And it sticks around until you accept it, love it. Then it lets go. Understand that no part of creation is bad, and you will be free of judgement and then free of pain.

Before the act, calculate everything, know why you are acting, and for what goal. During the act, just enjoy the process with full presence, infusing your love into it, for the emotion is what gives it power to produce good fruit. After the act, let go. Don’t worry about the result at the present moment. Be detached. Move on to your next act. Things will fall into place, as they should on their own. Your input was required only before and during the act, not after.

Another benefit of detachment is that it leaves you free. When you have nothing fixed as an outcome in the moment of Now, no one can hold you hostage, not even your own mind. You give no power away to external forces, not even to your ever-in-crisis-about-what-next ego.

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David Cameron Gikandi is the best-selling author of A Happy Pocket Full of Money,  was the Creative Consultant on The Secret,  and he is a Real Estate & I.T. entrepreneur,  holding a BSc. in International Business,  MCSD,  and MSc. in Information Technology. He invites you to try the 58 Step Small Business Makeover System and the 12 x 12 Step DIY Abundant Life Coach System for free on his site.