Are you drifting through life with a vague sense of uneasiness, a longing for an adventure or more personal fulfillment? Are you envious of people who appear to have exciting lives?

When we drift there is a tendency to feel helpless, or a victim of circumstances. A position of passivity makes us susceptible to other people’s control, and we are more apt to give in and live a life of other people’s expectations.

It can be so much more. As you review your life story, do you want to change it? Well you can!

If you are ready, I am about to share with you a very powerful tool: tell you how to use it, and why it works.

Major inner preparation is necessary, for abundance to occur in the outer.  Writing down your desires can create a bridge between inner and outer so that there is cohesiveness between what you say you want consciously, and what is stored in the unconscious.

Do not to get hung up on how to do the writing. Some people believe that in order to write they have to have a special journal, a special time and place; however no “specialness” is required. The purpose of writing is to bring attention to that which is important to us.  Good spelling is not necessary; neither is crossing the t’s or dotting the i’s. Start with a stream of consciousness, or a list, or your story, just write
Write, write, write through and around whatever is going on in your mind, until you have identified out of the myriad of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, your truth. If there are fears holding you back write them down also. In writing through your fears and doubts, you will better understand the hold that they have on you. I find that in the process of writing, we give fears and doubts less power to enslave us.  Do not stay in the negative energy, however if fears are there, part of our work is to face them. As in defining what we desire, so it is with fears and doubts.  Acknowledgement of fears and doubts takes some of the power out of them to stop us on our journey...

Studies have shown that we have somewhere between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts a day, which means between 35 and 45 a minute .Most of us are heavily engaged in thinking, with so many thoughts and ideas floating around in the vapors of our minds, that we lose track of what is meaningful and what  we really want. Thinking is often used as a buffer zone, somewhat like a drug so as not to feel. Feelings however are so powerful they seep through anyway, especially the ones that we’d rather not have.

Stop, reflect, and create a list of your desires and the good that you want to manifest in your life. The act of making a list draws attention to choosing what is of most importance out of the thousands of thoughts that are swirling around. The very act of giving attention to a desire helps us gain clarity. If it is important enough to pull out of the vapors and the ruminations, it is certainly important enough to examine.

By stopping and reflecting, we disarm the unconscious which has been holding on to our old ways in an attempt to protect us. It is as if we give the unconscious vigilance, a break.  The overall feeling is as though the unconscious is saying “finally” she is going to get clear do something instead of ruminating.

Clarity is of utmost importance to get more of what you really want. If you are not clear you will get something, just not what you really desire...  Why am I getting Muddied Results? An article on my website goes into this problem more fully at

Surface or superficial desires come and go, being fleeting in nature. Your true desires do not pass, they stay and haunt you, leaving you with the feeling that something important is missing.
Writing down your wants and desires will take the unsettled thoughts out of the vapors. To write them, you have to exercise choice and give them concrete form. Be sure the list is yours and not what somebody else wants for you. I knew a man who put “I want to quit smoking” on his list and under examination it became clear that this was more of his wife’s desire than his.

Carl Jung a renowned psychiatrist used the term synchronicity.  Synchronicities are those moments of “meaningful coincidence” when the boundary dissolves between the inner and the outer. When we make a choice and write it down, it is as if the Universe opens up a way for our obstacles to disappear. .People, circumstances, and events occur to bring our desires to fruition, not because of any conscious effort on our part, but because we are totally in tune with our expressed desires...

Choice produces results, so it’s up to you to choose what you want. It is recommended that you keep your list private so that other people’s energy will not influence you, especially the negative sort.

Review your list with a willingness to be flexible, as well as adaptable to changing circumstances. Outer situations may change or you might want to put a bigger frame around your desires... Upon review of my New Year’s list I found that something I thought very important then, was no longer in the top five.
My pattern is to make a list or to journal at the beginning of the year, as well as my birthday (a personal New Year).

  1. The list includes what I need to eliminate from life at this time.
  2. Decide what I want to bring into my life
  3.  Make time to focus on what is already in my life with gratitude.

Are you willing to give up something that no longer fits into the new life you desire?

Do you feel worthy of receiving?

Are you willing to be responsible for the change? There are always consequences when change occurs and manifesting that which you desire is no exception.

Are you ready?

You have already taken several steps towards what you desire. Congratulations! Keep going.

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“My commitment, actually my passion is to help people become more fully alive”. Laura B. Young

Laura B Young (LMFT, and CCH) is a psychotherapist, author, and  radio show  host  with  thirty years of clinical experience. . In 1992 she established her Private Practice: Life Resource Center.

Specializing in grief resolution, relationship struggles, and the challenges of life transitions... She has written numerous articles for regional magazines.  She became a contributing writer on Self as The Manifestation Expert. since 2009.

Her books include:

The Nature of Change
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How to Manifest What You REALLY Want! (an audio program with workbook)
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