There was a time, not too long back, when the learning system was considered to follow a rather rote pattern: come to the class every day, study six or seven subjects, note down the homework, go back, and come back again the next day to do the same thing. The focus was solely on academics, and nothing else mattered other than great grades in every exam. Thankfully, the times have changed, and so has the mindset.

The modern world needs children to have an all-encompassed development, and the parents and educators couldn’t agree more on the importance of it. And, while academic performance still holds value, it is widely agreed that it is not the only path to the holistic development of children as growth cannot be considered complete solely on the basis of the grades. At Vidsan Charterhouse, a renowned IB School in Delhi, we believe that it is extremely important for the co-curricular activities and academics to come together to bring out the finest abilities of the children to the forefront. Here, in this write-up today, let us have a glance at some of the key reasons for why it is important for the children to equally indulge in academics as well as co-curricular activities.

It allows the skills of the young ones to extend beyond the academic boundaries

We believe that academics is not the only arena where children can showcase their skills. Their abilities extend beyond the textbooks and syllabi, and so should the way we teach and train them. Their inherent skills are developed the most during their childhood, and in that regard, it is just not right to ignore their growth in the co-curricular sphere.

It helps expand their career scope

We understand that it would be great if our young buds grow up to be top-notch educators, finance professionals, or management experts, but won’t it be equally good if they grow up to become renowned swimmers or musicians? It is indeed a fact that when children are provided with an opportunity to explore their talents in the co-curricular domain, they often turn out to be all-rounders, and have a wider sphere of career options to choose from.

Co-curricular activities aid in experiential learning of the subjects taught in class

The importance of experiential learning in embedding knowledge in young minds is the one thing that we have always believed in. And, maintaining the balance between academics and co-curricular activities help us in doing just that. The lessons they learn in their classrooms are practically understood by them through their co-curricular activities.

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