Does the idea of attracting abundance, having all you want and more sound great? You wouldn't mind having abundance in your life about now, would you? Who wouldn't! Unfortunately, I would venture to say that most people think that abundance is for the rich, the few, and the elite. It is not that we don't want abundance in our life. It is simply that abundance often seems foreign and unattainable.
The sad truth is that most people simply don't see abundance as a possibility for themselves. And we all know that what we can't "see" we can't "have." This common but unproductive way of viewing the world is what I refer to as a "scarcity" mentality. A person living in scarcity "sees" their world through a veil that filters out the prevailing abundance that surrounds them. Naturally, when we operate from this vantage point, our experience of the world is one of scarcity. How can it not be?

Most of us were raised to believe that life is a constant struggle. While there might be reprieves from the hardships at times, life really is mostly about toil, trouble, work, more work, and even more work. We were endlessly reminded that there is a price to pay for everything good we experience. It's the "no pain, no gain" syndrome. In my coaching practice, I find that I am often reminding my clients that they really can live in incredible abundance and experience all that they want and more in all aspects of their lives. The longer they work with me, the more their awareness shifts out of scarcity mentality and into the reality of abundance. However, it is a very gradual process as "scarcity" is a difficult mindset to reprogram.

The good news is I am here to say emphatically, with conviction and experience, that "You can live in abundance"! You just have to learn to "tune in" to it! That's right, even now, from this day forward, you can live a life full of abundance! The key is to begin thinking and living in a new paradigm. Try this new paradigm on and look out! Talk about your cup running over!

Abundance Paradigm: "The world is brimming over with beauty, resources, and joy and all of it is yours for the taking."

One reason people find themselves struggling and living in scarcity, which is the opposite of abundance, is that they have been made to believe that "there's not enough to go around." However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Just ask any of the most powerful, spiritual, and profoundly abundant people on this planet and they will assure you of the exact opposite. There is enough! In fact, there is more than enough. But unless you believe it, live it, and "see" it as a possibility in your life, you won't recognize it. Not even when it's smack dab in front of you.

Wayne Dyer summarized this beautifully when he said, "Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into."

By "tuning in" to abundance you are simply recognizing that it is there and has been there all along. It has merely been waiting for you to open your heart, mind and spirit to the "more than enough" surrounding you every moment. This abundance is always available to you, to each of us.

"But," you may be asking, "How do I make the shift from scarcity mentality to abundant thinking and attraction?"

In order to begin adopting and incorporating this "world brimming over" abundance paradigm into the fabric of your world you must first "choose" it. That's right, abundance, like most things in our life, is a choice. You can begin right now being very intentional about choosing to view your life, your experiences, and your world as being full of abundance.

At first this is a moment-to-moment choice. But as you choose abundant thinking and begin attracting all of the "more than enough" that awaits you, you will find yourself intuitively "knowing" rather than "choosing to see" that abundance is in front of you at every turn.

So are you ready to begin "tuning in" to abundance? Are you ready to live without the "scarcity veil," and live in the knowledge that abundance is always present, always available to you? It simply awaits your attention and focus to become manifest in your life.

It's time - time to take the reigns of your life firmly in hand and make tuning in to the abundance that surrounds you an intentional aspect of your experience. Welcome to the land of abundance!

Closure and Action Items:

1. Be intentionally aware of the very real, tangible, and intangible abundance that surrounds you. Keep this awareness at the forefront of your consciousness. Keeping your focus on the abundance surrounding you will take time and effort. Eventually you will find that the more intentional you are about creating this new mindset, the more abundance you will begin to attract and experience in your life.
2. Make it a daily habit to end every day by "tuning in" and recalling all of the amazing people, rich beauty, and glorious abundance you experienced that day. Then you can rest, truly rest, in the knowledge that you already live in utter abundance, you are tuning in and attracting it into your life even now.

To send you off in style with your new paradigm of abundance I offer you this quote.

"The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper."
Eden Phillpotts

Here's to you intentionally "tuning in" to all of the abundance you desire in your life, and then some!

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Angel Hale is Founder and Owner of two powerful businesses: Leading Ladies and ACCES. She is a recognized Personal Life Coach and acclaimed motivational Speaker.
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