I'm Judy and a few years ago I resigned from my customer service job to become an entrepreneur. I needed to become my own boss. I was motivated to do so because I was given this astounding MLM opportunity to sell organic skin cream.

Promoting this skin lotion ought to have been a no-brainer. It was organic, no chemicals and great for the parched skin of ladies in sunny Australia. I was only fourth from the top of the multi-level-marketing pyramid scheme and should have been raking in the sales and enrolling people for my network by the droves. I went in this with desire, enthusiasm and terrific intentions but no matter how many events I went to or parties I held at home, I just couldn't sell this cream in the same quantities as my peers.

Some months in I began to really think about if I really had what was needed to be an entrepreneur. I then asked my top seller, who was actually keeping my lagging company alive with her residuals to me, the key of her good results. She told me about life coaching and how it may improves your self-confidence, the image you present and your ability to manifest your sales goals. She then suggested a program where you could learn goal-setting techniques and at the same time generate money teaching these procedures to others. In actual fact, she passed me a card and invited me to one of her sessions which would teach me all about life coaching.

After a few months learning about life coaching I was not just a much more effective communicator and vendor myself but I was also in a position to help everyone on my team come to be a much better salespeople. I could teach them tips on how to be easy-going and attractive to buyers by displaying an objective that was aligned with goodwill. Much like me, many of my lower achieving colleagues were also pushy and communicating desperation and anxiousness in their selling process.

Furthermore being a life coach also topped up the revenue I got from promoting skin cream with even more money. This has permitted me to reinvest inside a second business selling a weight reduction product that has made me richer than I ever imagined.

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