We had the pleasure of visiting Boone Hall yesterday which is an old plantation home in Charleston. You may recognize it as it has been featured in various movies such as 'North and South' and my favorite 'The Notebook.'

Boone Hall began as an indigo plantation and with the turn of each new owner it changed to a brick manufacturing plant and cotton plantation to the world's largest pecan tree farm and now to agricultural and tourism. Each new owner saw the opportunity of his time and created significant wealth from it. They moved and adapted to the demands and waves of their eras. They had vision and foresight and so for over 300 years Boone Hall has been a productive and wealthy asset for its many owners.

As I was listening to the tour guide tell us the story of the how John Boone, the original owner, acquired the land to build his plantation, I thought about the incredible opportunity that lay before him and many others at that time. The 'New World' had not long been discovered and Government grants were handed out for land so that visionaries could help expand the empire. Wealth was there for the taking. You basically just had to put up your hand and dare to say "Yes, I'll take it!"

You didn't have to have a lot of wealth already or be someone knowledgeable or well-known. Anyone could venture into the New World as an unknown with virtually nothing and form that they could create millions and a legacy that could be passed down for generations. It was very similar in my own country when convicts who served their time were pardoned and granted acres of fertile land in order to help the colony expand and flourish.

My thoughts then switched to my time and how there are no 'New World's' anymore where you can be basically given free land to create an empire with. Not if we just talk about land but in our world there is an abundance of opportunity that lies before each and everyone of us if we just open our eyes to see it and put our hand up to say "Yes, I'll take it!"

Throughout history there have been waves of New World Opportunities that have created many wealthy people for generations to come. Agricultural, industrial, technological and today there is the informational age appearing. This is the New World of Opportunity and we are standing at the brink of it.

Our business is centered in the booming informational era- the New World Opportunity. Our products are all about education and empowering you to be a visionary leader of your life; fulfilling your purpose and destiny and creating wealth for yourself and your family for generations to come.

Those who have a vision and an entrepreneurial mind will understand the business opportunity that lies before them, as it did Boone over 300 years ago and will capitalize on it straight away. For others it may take longer or they will miss the boat altogether and wonder why there is no opportunity left for them in the world.

You don't have to have any business skills or lots of money to claim a piece of the pie. It's an even playing field and one you can create significant wins from. You can create a fortune from virtually nothing. Opportunity lies all around you. The question is first "Do you have enough vision to see it?' and second "Do you have enough courage to seize it?" and lastly "Are you willing to work to grow it?"

"Yes, I'll take it!"

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