Today the shadow effect is in the news. What if I told you that you have a perfect health spiritual double? It’s true. It’s kind of an avatar connection like the relationship between Krishna and Arjuna in the Hindu text Bhagavad Gita. An inseparable best friend, healthy light force shadow constant companion with a ton of healing power supports your whole being. You can interact with it and you do not have to be physically fit to do so.

Your perfect health spiritual double shadow of light is an invisible, potent energy field about the same size as your physical body. I actually saw mine one day in 1999.

Cultivating a personal relationship with your light force shadow constant companion may be a tremendous comfort in these intensely changing times, may amplify your own healing process and an ever-deepening richness of your inner world. Consider this. Your inner and your outer world are interwoven. They are two parts of the same Whole like an inhale and exhale.

Here is what happened…
I was leading an ordinary life with an agonizing disability. I met an absolute perfect health energetic double of me that I could see clearly in my mind’s eye and feel as if the double were a physical person standing as close to me as you could get to someone without actually touching them. I met my spiritual double when I was in some of the worst pain and immobility of my life with rheumatoid arthritis. Imagine how surprised I was. I had no idea such a thing was even possible, let alone that I might ask to see something so remarkable as an absolute perfect health energetic double of me. And, it did happen.

It’s been years since I first I saw a perfectly healthy, young, svelte energetic double of me, and I knew instantly that I actually was this person. Now we have become inseparable. I am conscientious that we move together, like a pair of dancers with one partner standing on the other’s feet as we dance.

The ancient world says so…
In the early 1900’s, through some amazing circumstances of his own, a Japanese scientist named Master Jiro Murai, came to be studying some of the world’s rare sacred texts. He found common threads among all of the different texts that pointed to a natural phenomenon. From his research he discovered that there is a perfect invisible double of each human being constantly feeding life into the physical body by filtering higher frequency energy influences of the planets, Sun and Moon as well as the twelve constellations of the zodiac, which relate to the 12 thoracic vertebrae and 12 organ functions of the body, for example. This is important because this formless or invisible activity of the perfect invisible double made up of cosmic star stuff influencing a physical body, is known as the order of creation of life. Jiro Murai eventually compiled his body of knowledge into the principles of the healing art known as Jin Shin Jyutsu®.

My spiritual double and I meet…
It was November. It was evening. My husband and I had already eaten dinner.

I went along with my husband to watch him do his aikido martial arts routine. (Aikido loosely translated means “the way of harmony of spirit.”) I walked into the dojo with the assistance of my rolling walker, a strange looking, and clunky, metal thing with special arm rests for people who cannot hold onto the walker very well. My husband helped me sit down in the back of the room in a comfortable padded chair, the same chair from which my husband would have to lift me up when the aikido practice was finished, because I could not get out of the chair by myself. The other aikido students and my husband, barefooted, and dressed in their white tunics and pants with various colored belts prepared to work out on the large cushiony, matte floor area.

The sensei (a Japanese word meaning teacher or master) instructed everyone to warm up by doing a breathing exercise, then he led everyone in two different exercises to increase “ki” spelled k-i which is Japanese for “chi” or spirit energy).

Next the teacher introduced something new. He put on some music, it sounded like a Jai Uttal song that started out slowly, had a really strong drum rhythm with an accelerating tempo and increased in depth and texture as additional musical instruments entered the song. I had made a mental note that I had never heard this song before and I really liked it. Sensei then told the students to move to the music with their eyes closed if possible, and “find your own rhythm.” The teacher called this “Aikido-mai” which is Japanese for the dance of Aikido.

Now, I am sitting in my comfortable chair in the back next to the large white matted floor area filled with fluidly moving bodies, each in their own personal dance of aikido. I had followed along with the students on the mat and had done the breathing and ki building exercises along with everybody else, only I did the exercises seated in my chair.

All of a sudden an absolute perfect double of me stood up right in front of me about two inches away from my body! My etheric double was facing forward as my physical body was facing forward in the chair. My spiritual double stood up and raised its arms in the air like you’ve seen in pictures of the person standing on top of the mountain or looking out at the ocean with their arms raised in the air in a V for victory.

My heart was overflowing. I began to silently cry as I kept my eyes closed and continued to move my arms and hips to the music, all the while I am in awe of what I am witnessing. I remember the perfect double’s perfect posture, and felt her perfectly toned organs and breasts and muscles and joints, and hands, strong and healthy, as if they were mine. She was a youthful, in the prime of her life perfect double of me. She turned her head to the left, looked over her shoulder at me and smiled. I knew the double was me. My life would be different from this moment on.

Now, it just so happened, as if this all wasn’t amazing enough, while the spiritual double was showing itself to me, the pregnant wife of the Sensei was looking at me sitting and moving to the music in my chair. The wife mentioned this to me after class. The woman said she felt a huge loving presence surrounding me. It felt so strong, said the wife, that it made her shift her attention from watching everyone moving on the matted floor area, to watching me in the chair.

Was it the “ka” body?
Was I going crazy? If so, I liked this kind of crazy. Did I, and vicariously, the pregnant wife of Sensei, witness a physical manifestation of my non-physical, soul self, or what the ancient Egyptians called the “ka” or spirit-twin? The “ka” or spiritual double carries the consciousness of a deceased person for example and is the active principle of Spirit in a living person as well.

If it happened to me, then surely it must be possible for you, and I know you do not have to be in perfect physical health.

Here are 3 keys to developing an environment conducive to meeting your spiritual double:

1. A regular habit or practice (repetition) of raising your energies or frequencies to a high place of love and compassion; energy healing self-help such as Aikido or Healing Touch Quick Steps or Jin Shin Jyutsu, for example.
2. Include your physical body in the process, as with singing or hearing sacred music, or moving your body, exercising it, and being present with all of your senses to your awareness of your body even while sitting in a chair as you would in breathing and building “ki” or Spirit.
3. And, if you really want to have an experience meeting your spiritual double, ask for it. Request it, saying it out loud.

What appears to be an important part of the potential meeting is the inclusion of your physical body in your preparation. One of Aikido O Sensei’s editions of poems contained this preface: “Those who train in Aikido [the way of harmony of spirit] must never forget that the teaching has to be forged in one’s very body. Always keep in mind the Divine workings of creation, from beginning to end, and ceaselessly learn from the gods. Make the entire universe your dojo (school of training).”

Based on the advice of various masters who have gone before us, we are encouraged to plan for and prepare for such opportunities as meeting with our healthy shadow of light spiritual double. Make room for the possibility. Meeting your spiritual double is possible. Let it be so!

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Self-healing activist and best selling author of Instant Healing – Accessing Creative Intelligence for Healing Body and Soul, Barbara J. Semple is also a certified integrative healing arts practitioner and a pioneer in the field of mind-body self-help. For more information visit her website: