In today’s society, as a woman we live in a new age world with a new generation of people who are disturbed in their spirits and confused in their minds; In addition, we all wonder why most women are stressed, overwhelmed, distracted and frustrated with life. Women are having a very hard time identifying their femininity, sexuality and spirituality. We really don’t know as a woman the power we possess within ourselves. Many of us were taught to extend ourselves out to others; we spend most of our lifetime catering to the needs of unappreciative individuals. We wake up one morning and find our lives have revolved around others and never knowing the true depths of one’s own soul. The individuals we live to please in our lives have destroyed our confidence and left many of us empty and feeling hopeless. Well,today is your day; you possess the power to create the life you desire. You are a mighty woman of God and you have the authority to take back your life and embrace your most inner beauty and begin to live the life God intended for you.

Today is a new day and a new hour for women all over the world to arise, take charge and shout to the world I AM A WOMAN OF POWER. You are no longer defined by the way the world views you as a person. As a woman of power you are not a victim anymore to this mean and cruel place you call home. You are back in full force and in your rightful place with your God. You are a woman that loves life and embraces the world with power, strength, courage, joy and happiness. You are not living to please the world; you are here to please God.

When you think of a woman of power, it draws your thoughts to a woman that has the wisdom,knowledge and understanding of God: through the powers of His divine connection. This woman of power is a ruler in her home and a leader in her community. Before she steps outside into the world she first acknowledges each day the source of her power from within. She is a “Goddess” of love that holds magical powers within. This woman has received God’s grace and mercy in her own life, which opens her heart to release the power of unconditional love to herself and others. Her heart of compassion and love for mankind is what the world needs to take hold the depths of their own souls. Her nurturing behavior naturally creates a bond with all living things on earth.

The power behind this phenomenal woman is contagious to other women around her. She holds a high standard of much respect, integrity, honesty, and dignity among her family and peers. It’s nothing ordinary about this woman of power; she strives for excellence and has extraordinary gifts and talents from God. She is anointed to do wonders on this earth. She is in tune to the power she possesses, and she knows her purpose in life. Every step she takes draws her closer to her relationship with God. This woman stands strong on her faith in the power of her creator: placing her footsteps in the sand for the next woman to walk in. Her strength comes from the ability to be forceful, truthful and compassionate in a place where people compromise with their souls. She possesses the courage and strength to believe in God’s word; committing herself to hard work, she accomplishes her dreams and vision. Alone with her God given gifts and talents, teaching and anointing, all these things creates her life and brings her the victory of God.

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Author Harriet P. Harrison is the visionary/founder of Empowering Women 4 Greatness. A 21st Century " Powerhouse" training ground designed to meet the cares and needs of today's busy women. We specialize in promoting spiritual health and wellness for all levels of women leaders on the MOVE! We have created unique workshops/training sessions to enhance a spiritual healthy lifestyle for tomorrow's women. We have an innovative and cutting edge approach on how to connect with the mind, body and spirit through a Christian-faith based environment.

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