Does that sound pie in the sky to you? Does that make me sound like I don't live in the real world of business?

Trust me I do, after 25 years of working for myself, this has become more and more clear to me.

Even as a therapist in private practice, it was a competitive world. In the world of coaching competition takes on a whole new outlook.

If I really think about it most of my 'competiveness' comes from competing with myself. Can I do better at this than I did before? How can I make this program better than the last? How can I make more money than I did last year?

It's not about my competing with someone else's business only the competing I do within.

Now, I understand that those of you in the corporate world or other highly competitive jobs markets probably think I have a screw lose. And maybe that is true, but I really do try very hard not to compete with other coaches or business owners. If I do compete, I end up comparing myself to others.......which has never worked out well for me. "Compare and Despair." This is not a good place to be.

There are always going to be businesses that surpass you and there will always be business owners that wish they were like you.

There are so many ways to work in your own businesses and share your successes and wisdom with others. When you can step out of competitiveness, you grow as individuals as well as business owners.

Here are a couple of easy, tried and true ways to do business as partners:

1. Mastermind groups are a wonderful fun way to grow in multiples of ways. Not only do you get an opportunity to share your expertise and strengths with others but they can share theirs with you as well.

You each bring to the table (or phone) a wide range of experiences, education, expertise and simply just who you are, warts and all.

Tight knit groups of women can be formed easily, and I am not thinking 'sororities' here! Now, that can be competition! Who has the cutest boyfriend, who has the most friends, who dresses the best..............we are way, way past those days!

Groups of women together, such as in a Mastermind group can be very powerful for every single member.

To learn, to grow, to develop new relationships and to grow each of your businesses is about as powerful and fun as it can get!

2. Another powerful way to work together as partners is to form Joint Ventures (often referred to ask JV's) These are two or more partners who work together as a team, putting their strengths and expertise's together to offer to a certain group of people.

It's collaboration. It's a way to give more and in the end, get back. You may grow your list, add money to your purse, get more exposure for who you are and y our partner will do so also. It's a win/win for everyone.

I'll take that over competition any day of the week!

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