We are all multi-dimensional spiritual beings currently having a human experience. It's the personality (ego) that holds us back from being our true self. Each of us is here to fulfill a particular mission based upon a remarkable master plan. Whether we believe that or not depends on the level of control we allow our personality to have over the actual mission we planned before being born. Yes, we made agreements with Source to come here and do our part to move this planet forward in evolution long before our actual human birth date.

If you find it difficult to wrap your arms around the possibility that your perspective of life on Earth is anything more that what you can digest with the five senses it may be worth opening up to a new understanding. It certainly won't hurt you to try something new, but I guarantee it will open your eyes to a new way of thinking about life as you know it today.

So step out of your comfort zone and just assume what is being stated here are facts that you are simply not aware of right now. You've been kept in the dark for too long and it's time for you to consider moving forward with your life. The agreement you made is best known as the birth plan or life plan by those living life at that higher level of awareness. This is accomplished through staying in constant contact with Source energy. Once you learn how to do this on a daily basis, everything you need to live a balanced life, in harmony with Source energy, and personality happiness will show up as if by magic.

The Earth is no longer a three dimensional planet...it has progressed into the fourth dimension or the higher awareness of Spiritual energy. This is totally obvious to those human-beings vibrating at a higher frequency than most of humanity. The interesting part is the personality does not want you to be aware of this well keep secret. That secret is held within the mind and is only released when the higher-self (true self) is alerted through our emotions. Our emotions are the triggers that are pre-programmed in our DNA to alert us when we are out of alignment with our higher purpose for being here.

Those that have learned through meditation, prayer or daily conversations with Source energy, how to consciously stay connected with their own Life Plan live a life filled with abundance. This is true for every category of Human Life, including Physical Health, Career, Financial Freedom, Family Relationship, Emotional Well Being, Spiritual Life, Happiness and Soul Merge. By staying connected in this way, it becomes easy to stay calm and emit peaceful a higher energy vibration during times of uncertainty or life-situation challenges.

When you learn to stay peaceful in challenging situations solutions show up rather than additional problems. This is true in every aspect of life. Whether it's business or personal you will reach higher levels of achievement in less time than if you allowed personality (ego) to manipulate your particular situation.

You deserve a happier life...so start changing your perspective now - you'll be glad you did.

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