By Coach Stephanie Wood, PPC, Your Body Image Expert

  1. Tis that time of year again, a shift in seasons requires a change in wardrobe whether you’re a student, professional, retired, stay-at-home or office worker. You slide the closet door open and discover:Your hangars sag under the weight of stretched, shredded, or shriveled up clothing.
  2. How dare your closet shrink your favorite outfit over the summer? (winter?)
  3. You have NOTHING to wear!

Ok, you do have something to wear, but …you don’t FEEL like it.
The solution? Go Shopping!
This time shop the body knowledge way and buy something that makes you look and feel MAHVELOUS!

Here’s how: Personal shoppers are not just for the Park Avenue set. These professional salespersons know the merchandise, including labels, sizes, and price ranges. After communicating your wants and needs to an experienced sales specialist, she can save you time, money, and sorrow by narrowing your choices to what will work for you and your body.

STEP # 1: Ignore the size on the label!

Forget what size you “think” you wear. Based on marketing considerations, every manufacturer uses different criteria to size and price their product. These ARE NOT standard measurements. Your choice is to waste time and invite disappointment by pulling your ideal imaginary size off the rack and into the dressing room. Instead, request a personal shopper, rely on her knowledge, and experience with her merchandise!
Stop suffering and cut the label out if the number on it offends you.

STEP # 2: Your body deserves a personal shopper who is not you!

However, the personal shopper need not be your size, your age, or even your style, but she looks as confident in her clothing as you want to be in yours. After sharing information with her, trust her to know which labels run large, small, short, or long and which items will fit your body regardless of size! Free from the judgmental baggage you bring into the store with you,your personal shopper provides an objective assessment of what looks good on you…and your body!

STEP # 3: Consider all, and then let your body decide!

Basic to the Body Knowledge System® is the intimate relationship between you and your body. The direct communication between your body and you expresses itself in many wonderful ways. How do you know if the clothing is right for you? Are you smiling at your reflection, do you feel lighter, happier and more attractive? Your professional personal shopper selects clothing that fits your unique form; if she’s GREAT her selections will enhance your natural shape.

The next time you leave your home in your new outfit to go to work, to shop, to pick up kids, or drop off dry cleaning, note the reactions to your appearance when you wear the clothing you selected with the help of your personal shopper. Complete strangers can smile in response to the smile you are wearing because you feel so good about you!

That feedback returns your self-esteem to a higher place, and that increases your happiness and automatically you are the attractive person you were born to be!

Feel free to watch a pre-recorded video class I did about Body Image shopping.

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