It wasn’t until I achieved my early forties that I noticed that I had an addictive character. I was hooked on alcohol, sleeping pills, gossip and terrible men. The end result was a life that was continuously in disarray. The results of my activities led to such unfortunate occurrences that I drank more to handle all the fall-out from what I had done to myself and whatever friends and family I had left.

Following two months stay in rehabilitation I realized that I could not go back to my old job as a bartender in a local pub as it was a trigger for my behavior. However, what did come out of rehabilitation for me was the need to help others with the same frustration, habit and guilt difficulties that I had as an addict. What I needed was a job that would support my newfound serenity over the long-term.

Also I found that I genuinely enjoyed the talking and mentoring that came from me getting a sponsor or becoming a sponsor to get a fellow addict. I kept thinking that there must be a profession, aside from being an addictions counselor, that could help me be paid for helping others in therapeutic classes.

I found the career I was looking for in Melbourne, life coaching. Not only was this a chance to continue re-building my self-confidence, focus and emotional well being it would also allow me to be paid for helping others do the same.

Melbourne life coaching was also a healthy way for me to maintain my serenity. I could work at my own pace and nevertheless find time to visit my AA meetings. Moreover it had been a good means for me to exhibit my love for other people. As opposed to becoming a gossip or a meddler I was now learning skills to mediate and genuinely enable another person discover their own targets on their very own terms.

Another positive part of Melbourne life coaching is that it reinforced the value of all the methods that were helping me keep my sobriety like meditation, taking it easy, thinking before I act, taking care of my inner child and looking at the large picture as opposed to sweating the small things.

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