Broadly speaking, humans can be divided into two groups based on their outward demeanors; reserved or social. Both these terms are not more than social constructs directed at an individual’s behavior towards a certain setting. By virtue of their existence, humans have an innate sense or longing for forming social relationships. It goes without saying that as individuals living in a world which is linked to every corner of the globe, we’re bound to form relationships with the people around us. Being reserved or social is based on either speaking more or speaking less, it doesn’t dictate the fact that a reserved individual would have fewer social relationships. Likewise, this in no way, shape or form dictates whether or not the other person is well received in their social relationships.

Many a time people have come forward with a notion of not caring what other people think of them. This is usually perceived as a good way of eliminating unnecessary drama from a person’s life. However, while you may not care what someone else thinks of you, you cannot undermine the effect of a social relationship in the practical world. Not only in terms of work and opportunities, but maintaining healthy relationships can be beneficial to an individual’s mental health as well. Renowned speaker and author, Dean Akers has recently released his book titled, ‘52 Wows: A Relationship Guide for Men and Self Talk, Think like a Child’. In this book, he talks explicitly about how important it is to form and curate relationships in order to live a healthier and happier life. Relationships aren’t confined to people we live with or know on a personal level, they vary from anywhere from a spouse to a coworker.

In Dean Akers’ book, he mentions how the greatest source of comfort and belonging for an individual doesn’t merely come from worldly pleasures or anything materialistic. It does, however, come from love. While many people might disregard this statement as a cliché, the fact of the matter still remains that humans do in fact require love for a healthier mental state. Love isn’t merely confined to anything in the romantic sense. Love encompasses a feeling greater than one’s own self where they feel needed and wanted. These feelings can greatly change a person’s demeanor and their outlook on life. Furthermore, establishing healthy relationships can enable a person to dive into a world of limitless possibilities with the other person guiding them throughout new endeavors. These relations are also there to celebrate those joyful moments of life with you, making them moments to be cherished later in life.

For a person at a younger stage in their life, it is quite easy to dismiss the need for having social relationships or maintaining them. However, as you grow older, you’ll realize that the people around them who are happier and more fulfilled are those who have not just lived, but have also loved and been loved. Dean Akers has defined the importance of relationships and the value they have in our lives in a genuinely enchanting manner. You can purchase his book “52 Wows: A Relationship Guide for Men and Self Talk, think like a Child” through Amazon, and get mesmerized by the way Akers showcases relationships.

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