When you are a creative person who writes, you perfectly know what a writer's block is. Moreover, you know dozens of tricks and tactics to deal with it. Struggling to come up with fresh and non-trivial ideas for new stories, articles, or blog posts, you research hundreds of websites and books to get some inspiration there. Plus, you are constantly thinking on making something new out of old stories, aren't you?

Instead of writing about the same problems for the hundredth time, you'd better roll to the mental health phenomena.

Multiple personality disorder in particlular.

Do you know such a writer as Daniel Keyes? Thanks to the book where he documented the phenomenon of a person with multiple personalities, he'd become a bestselling author, and we all had a chance to learn the story of Billy Milligan, the first guy who used his multiple personality disorder to get acquitted of grievous crime.

The book is based on true story. Moreover, Keyes was able to attract so much public attention to this story that Hollywood was going to make a movie about a person who suffered from multiple personality disorder. The Crowded Room will see the light in 2016, and Leonardo DiCaprio will play the role of Billy Milligan in the movie. Who knows, maybe this is his last chance to get Oscar for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role for co-starring himself, as he is going to play all 24 personalities of Billy Milligan alone.

The Bid4Papers team has got interested in this phenomenon, too: they have designed the infographic which describes ten core personalities of Billy Milligan and tells why writing about this problem is doomed to succeed.

Here it goes:

The phenomenon of multiple personality gives a plenty of extraordinary ideas for storytelling. Try to answer the following questions, and you'll get a couple of fresh ideas for writing:

1. Can a multiple personality disorder be an excuse for making crimes?
2. Should one personality be responsible for the deeds of others?
3. Are all of us MPs?
4. How many personalities can live in the head of one person?
5. Is it possible to control all of them? Can they all live their own lives?

To become a self-confident writer, you should think big and have an open mind. Your writing success and writing ideas are waiting for you everywhere; don't look for them at writing blogs and communities only: psychology and human minds can give you the field to let yourself go and come up with your new writing bestseller, whether it's a new book, a short story, an article for a blog, or an essay.

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