You are who you are at this very moment. Even though you have grown and continue to grow, you will notice that your circle has changed. Some people only see the old you, that’s the only person they have known. But instead of wasting all of your energy trying to change their perception of you, focus on just being you.
Life is hard enough to keep peddling forward, you don’t need to backpedal. I simply say, “I don’t live in that space anymore.” The space I’m in now revolves around my heart and all things dear to it. My space is more about the unknowing than the knowing. I love the uncertainty that life brings and all of the wonderful surprises. You see, the space that I’m in right now, I call a gift. Everything and everyone is a gift, so unique and so full of love.
I accept things more now and don’t have to be hell bent on changing them. I discover a new layer that lies within me every day. As I look back at all the things that I wanted to become, I never would have dreamt of the things that I have become, and I am not fully evolved yet. Lol 
I have never needed a crowd around me to feel at peace. I love the quietness that surrounds me. I am comfortable in my skin and in my moments of solitude. Even though I am embarking on a new journey, it is really no different than yesterday, the day before yesterday or even last year. Each day is a new journey you just have to have the courage to discover where your journey leads. Each day, you wake up and discover another layer of yourself, no matter how big or how small that layer is, they are all important.
You can be the very best at what you do now and in ten years be doing something totally different. This is self-discovery, this is thinking with an open mind and this is having the courage to try new things and not put any limitations on you.
Look at all the layers of an onion. Look at all the layers that you have. Here are a few:
Relationships, career, school, community, responsibilities, sports, etc., after all of that, how much time have you had to truly peel back the layers? Have you rid yourself of all toxic issues? Have you pushed yourself to try something new? Have you met any new people? What have you recently discovered about yourself? Do you still day dream? In your heart of hearts, what is it that you truly want to do?
Be happy with whom you are, and if you’re not, only you can change it. You have only one beating heart, one life, so dream big and become it.

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