Hot for coffee, boiling for tea? That has always been the suggestion passed down from generation to generation. There is more to it than that though. Different teas perform best at different temperatures; that is, you will reap the great rewards in terms of health benefits and taste if you follow the guidelines below.

Anti cancer compounds increase with brewing over time is one of the many examples. Heat is needed to extract them from the tea, but they are “hyper-sensitive” to overheating.

One Hundred Degrees: To reap 100% of all the antioxidants in black tea, you need to fully boil the water. Steep a teaspoon of leaves for 4 minutes. Note that the latest research points toward 3 cups a day, which cuts the risk of strokes by over 20%.

Eighty Five Degrees: Green tea is a different story You need a teaspoon of leaves steeped for 3 minutes at 85 degrees to enjoy the benefits. The University of Cornell found that 2 cups per day raised antioxidant levels and protected the brain from Alzheimer’s.

Eight Degrees: White tea leaves are delicate and the polyphenols are in greater concentration. Moral of the story – don’t overheat them. 3 minutes at 80 degrees is perfect. White tea kills 80% of bacterial viruses in 10 minutes.

Doc’s Thoughts: These are perfect guidelines. If you are going to enjoy something, do it right. A little effort and you experience maximum results.

The time it takes is nominal and the aroma is the original “aroma therapy.” When herbal medicine was THE treatment of the day, the cooking of the herbs was part of the treatment. Today, we in too much of a hurry. Take your time, savor the moment and enjoy the benefits of tea.

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