In the midst of utter chaos, there is but the sensation of losing control. The world is spinning around wildly too fast to make out images. The breathing is so heavy you are only able to gasp at it. The atmosphere is shrinking into your already tiny existence, invaliding the area you know as your body. There is no calm. There is only unforgiving thirst for every ounce of you to explode.
In the midst of a hectic situation where you are out control, you truly feel there is no escape. You scream back riddles of nonsense. Your body convulses as you struggle to keep your senses about you. You are truly on the verge of a nervous break down. Your life has led you vastly far away from the calm piece of serenity you woke up striving for.
People say lots of things to jab at us. The competition of the job force creates this need to competitively seek out another person’s weaknesses instead of support one another. Each person is waking up miserable and walking around with a foundation of fear. Mix all that plus a little hormones and you have an atomic recipe for negativity to breed and fester out happiness.
Everyone has their own story as to why they are living the lives they are. Not one person (typically) can escape a sad story, if prompted to speak about one. The lost, the abandonment, the neglect, there is a negative title to fit us all. We thrive on this identity. In fact, we love it so much we come to only understand ourselves as suffering from it. It breeds with our once happy selves and soon we find ourselves miserable in our pain from the distant memory of it.
For every person, there is a key to get them to snap out of this toxic habit. No one wishes to be in a state of negativity, yet that is where most of us are. We give in too soon, and give away too much of our power. We stop believing in our own senses and understanding of our world. We stop smelling the air for rain and start waiting on the weather forecaster (who is wrong more often than right, by the way) to tell us when it will rain. We stop listening to our bodies when we are hungry. We start relying on someone who studied books to tell us how our own bodies work.
Books, measurements, and experts, none of this stuff makes up who we are. They are there to help assist us in life, but not to live our lives for us. We still have full executive decision powers when it comes to the operational functions of our bodies. Giving your power away is like telling yourself you distrust in yourself to know and understand what you need, therefore, you’re going to run in autopilot while someone else takes the reigns.
Allowing someone to cause you to be upset first thing in the morning, where you are not even able to start your day off with a smile or a song (like the birds), means your priorities are out of alignment. This life is too short to keep yourself in a state of suffering because you lack confidence in your decision making skills. You have made enough decisions to keep yourself alive thus far. You have ability to move beyond this moment and take back your control. You are fully equipped with the means you need to get yourself back on track.
Do It.
Get out of the shadows and remember, this is your life. Own it. It is your life and you were meant to shine as bright as the morning sun. Do not allow another person’s issues to become your problems. You have the power to say, “No.” Utilize it. This is your one shot in life to be something different. To start your day off on the right track and be the person you always knew you were. You are not changing, just making the other decision you already thought about making.

Author's Bio: 

I believe in a world where we are all happy - not the out of your mind, mentally unstable, type of happy; but the blissful enjoying life type. I believe through inspiration we can all give a little encouragement to the right person and forever change their path. I hope to inspire you to reach for those dreams you have tucked away buried under "life" and pull them out again. Life was meant to be an inspiration to you to keep striving towards your desires. Each day we have the chance to inspire someone to do better... when you know better, you do better. It's time we started believing in ourselves, and the good of others. That's why I write.