There are many types of ear piercings that you can get depending on your preferences. However, ear piercings are the most common to both men and women. Ear piercing is a monumental part of everyone’s life, especially the first-ever piercing.

When you want to start your ear-piercing journey, then there are a few things to put into consideration. This is because the last thing you want is to make a permanent body modification that does not impress you. Consider the following before getting your ear piercings;

1. Make the decision
This means that you sit and think if you actually want to get an ear piercing. Making the decision also involves settling on the style of ear piercing that you want. There are a few choices of ear piercing to choose from starting from the earlobe piercing, a tragus, or a cartilage piercing.

2. Look for the best ear piercings service
Before you get an ear piercing, decide on the best ear piercing service. This means that you should get a place with a good reputation and experience in the ear piercing business. The earring to use is another choice to make. This is because some earrings are hypoallergenic meaning that they speed up the healing process.

3. Get the piercing
Once you have chosen the ear piercing service and earring you want, it's action time. You can be nervous at first but it is a quick exercise and especially if you are working with experts you should be at ease. You can ease the tension by being accompanied by a relative or a loved one.

4. Start the healing process
Different ear piercings heal at different time rates. An ordinary lobe piercing takes about six weeks to heal. After six weeks, you should do a revisit to establish whether your piercing is healing well. At this time, you should change the earrings as well as sterilize the pair you had.

5. Get extra jewelry
Once your ears have healed completely, it is time to get extra earrings. This is because you need various options for different occasions. You can decide to either get loops, drop earrings, or studs. Regardless of the choice, you opt to go with, you are guaranteed a great look!

The following are some of the various ear piercings you can choose from;

a. Helix piercing
This piercing is usually done along with the upper ear. It is done using a small gauge needle and is painless as there are no nerve endings in that area. The types of earrings used for helix ear piercings are mostly studs as they are simple and classic.

b. Snug piercing
This one is located in a shallow area in the inner cartilage in the ear outer rim just above the anti-tragus.

c. Rook piercing
This piercing is quite similar to the snug piercing. It is vertically oriented and is usually above the tragus and separates the inner and outer conch. It looks classic with curved barbells or bead rings.

d. Conch piercing
This piercing can either be done either on the outside or inside. The name comes from the part of the ear that resembles conch shells found mostly on the coastlines. A bead earring works perfectly for a conch piercing.

e. Orbital piercing
These are two ear piercings linked together by one piece of jewelry. This piercing is prevalent in the helix and antihelix.

f. Tragus piercing
The tragus is a part of the ear that is usually right in front of the ear canal. It can also be simple or difficult depending on the size and thickness of your ear tragus.
g. Traverse lobe piercing

This is a twist of the ordinary lobe. A barbell is used horizontally through the earlobe from the outside or inside. The size depends on the shape and size of your earlobe.

h. Daith piercing
This type of piercing requires a professional to perform it. It is done through the inner cartilage fold of the ear. Bead rings and curved barbells are the best suitable earrings for this type of modern ear piercing.

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