As Easter approaches, family and friends will be gathered at the table for Easter dinner. Mom’s prized turkey and Aunt Linda’s delicious casserole will be served. The Easter bunny is there and the Easter Egg Hunt is underway. Laughter and shouts of, “I found one,” can be echoed throughout the day. What wonderful memories are made!
The title of family is not only reserved for those whose blood flows through your veins or through marriage, it is a title for anyone who makes you feel loved, honored and supported. It is with those whose laughter, tears, joy and harsh realities are shared we can call family.
A child’s life might consist of siblings, mom, dad, aunts, uncles and grandparents. Some children get the gift of new family members when the relationship ends between their mother and father. Their new life might consist of new brothers and sisters, moms and dads. Sometimes, just because there is a divorce you still remain family. The bigger the family the more love and support is available to a child.
As you gather around the table for Easter Dinner, remember life is just too short. Share in the many blessings that each one has brought into your life. It doesn’t matter if the person you are sitting next to is a friend or family, the fact that you are together on a holiday sharing love and laughter, automatically makes you family.
How will you be enjoying your Easter this year?
Things are as important as you make them. You decide who and what priorities are in your life. A child is the most precious gift to the world and all children are an extension of our own family. Get to know one, love one, mentor one and adopt one. Sometimes it takes more than a parent to raise a child. Sometimes it takes a family, a community, and a nation to raise a child.
Honor those who are not with you and continue to bless those who are. Happy Easter!

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