It’s now been sixth months since I started my journey with eWN. Prior to eWomenNetwork I spent 10 years in Business Development at Barnes & Noble, where I focused heavily on live events for major authors, book festivals, and more. In addition to that, I also have backgrounds in theater, creative writing, visual arts, STEM, and Public Relations.

While I’m usually a little embarrassed by how bizarrely diversified my background is, one of the things Kym told me back in July was that it was a perfect fit for eWN. He assured me that every skill I’ve acquired as I trekked across the world could be put to good use here. And as it turns out, he was right.


I get up at the same time every morning. Even if I weren’t a creature of habit, which I am, my dog wouldn’t allow for anything else. I feed him, take him out, brush my teeth, then sit on the couch to do my makeup while watching Schitt’s Creek. When I collect my things to leave, Bailey sits on the couch with a look of resentment as I head out the door.

I’m very lucky I only live 4 miles from the office. Even without the tollway (like Sandra said at conference, I too hate taking the tollway when it’s not necessary), it only takes 11 minutes.

Our building is lovely and in a great part of town. I park in the underground parking garage and head up the elevator to eWN.

I settle in, catch up on email, and get into the groove for the day. Three days a week, we all have a slack call at 9am. The entire team from top to bottom goes over the main things they’re focusing on. It’s a nice change from other jobs I’ve had in that the team has excellent focus and does a pretty great job at staying on topic, so the meetings are quick, efficient, and informative.

LESSON: Quick and focused debriefs are the best.

I have an hour before our first zoom meeting and I take that time to confirm details for some upcoming Celebrity Science Photoshoots. By the time I reach out to the photographers, makeup and hair teams, stylists, and studios for each shoot, I’m pretty sure they all think I’m crazy because I have a tendency to over confirm, but better safe than sorry.

Our first zoom meeting of the day is an internal creative strategy session for a Break the Stale client. This is where the whole team (i.e. Kym, Briana, Graphic Designers, Copywriters, Web Designers, etc.) comes together after having read the client’s intake form and we have a deep dive strategy session on where we’re going with the project. These are always fun and it’s exciting to see how the before and afters turn out. These meetings last at least an hour, but often go much longer when the creative juices flowing.

LESSON: Don't put time constraints on brainstorming and creative, great things come from long sessions!

I hop straight into another zoom call to go over a Style Color Mood Narrative I created with Briana. Style Color Mood Narratives are kind of like a visual brand guide that outline your color palette, fonts, and the overall visual direction of your brand. Once we complete the SCMN, clients bring them to their designers and graphics people to implement that energy and style into their websites and other collateral for their businesses. All the years I spent painting in art classes means that I’m pretty good at creating these, but sometimes I get fixated on one image and Briana swoops in to yank me back into the bigger picture. It turns out pretty beautifully.

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