There is nothing like a simple cup of tea to rev up your senses.

On a dull Monday afternoon, if one has access to a cup of tea, it could make one happier.

One suddenly comes to realize that life is beautiful!

And there is no end to the number of people who stand by a fine cup of tea during the afternoons. Be it winter or summers, tea has its place which is, sort of, irreplaceable.

If you need to set your mind to work, a cup of tea is sure to do the trick.

Then, for a fine addition to a hearty meal, a cup of tea can be magical.

Go for tea, and see your day transform itself.

If one needs to crack a puzzle, or simply get down to some old fashioned hard work, there is really nothing like a cup of tea to rev up one's senses.

In essence, there is nothing like some fine tea when one needs to socialize.

When guests come over, you could serve tea and make conversations which last for hours at a stretch.

Three cups of tea a day is often a norm.

And at times, you could easily make do with a couple more.

Have tea while watching TV, reading the newspaper, while you are deep into a conversation or when you just need to relax and listen to music.

When the energy levels are low, a cup of tea is sure to rev up your senses.

Now tea is a healthful drink by itself, full of vitamins that work wonders for one's health.

Broadly classified as green tea and black tea, some other variants of tea are white tea, yellow tea and oolong tea.

Many of us would be surprised to know that all these variants of tea come from the same tea plant. It is only the way that these are processed that makes one variant of tea different from another.

A very commonly heard trend in recent times is that naturopathics and doctors alike stand by the prowess of green tea for the many positive effects it has on our health and well being.

Green tea works wonders for our cardiovascular health, lets us get over excess pressure on arteries, such that the heart functions better.

This shows excellent results for someone who may be a diabetic.

Moreover, green tea is the best way to lose weight. Have around five cups of green tea a day and the weight loss results are there for the world to see.

This makes you look better, feel better, health risks are lower, including those of diabetes and heart disorders.

So why not replace your regular tea for green tea today, and ensure a much improved health and well being for your family and yourself, while you sip on to this refreshing beverage.

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