As technology is changing, it is making a rapid impact in our lives. Infection control is one of the most vital things to be taken care of in hospitals. Hand hygiene is the way prevents the infections from spreading between the patients, guest, and staff. Sanitizing hand every time you come in contact with the patient in hospitals is easy and the best solutions to avoid nip the evil in the bud. Almost every hospital has alcohol free hand sanitizer dispenser loaded with the alcohol-free hand sanitizer wipes with alcohol-free as well as alcohol-based solution to fit into any possible environment.

The stats and old data articulate that when doctors washed their hands before delivering babies it reduced the number of the deaths post deliveries and that approx. one in 25 patients acquires a healthcare-associated infection (HAI) during their hospital care. Intensive hand care hygiene is only the first, easy and quickest measure to stop pathogens from being transmitted. Since the alcohol-free hand sanitizer help in the elimination of the pathogens within 30 seconds with 99.9% efficiency.

Using hand alcohol free hand sanitizer at the point of care during the patient care defined by WHO’s Five Moments for Hand Hygiene: before coming in patients contact, before doing an aseptic procedure, after being exposed to body fluid regardless of wearing gloves, after leaving the contact with patient, and after contact with the patient’s environment [ it’s environment and not patient contact]. Since patients environment is still carrying pathogens with its potential to infect others. Hand cleaning is still required even you are in a sterilized environment.

Hygiene comes with self-accountability, if hospitals are taking responsibly by making the efforts for infection control easy, quick and effective, we become accountable to at least use the provision that is being provided by the hospital to keep the contamination of the environment free.

Infection control practitioners or a dedicated person are at duty ensures the infection control by reminding people to wash/ sanitize their hands using alcohol-free hand sanitizer. However, there are automated systems to achieve the monitoring process.

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