If you’ve just started researching the healing power of magnetic fields, it can be quite confusing to sort out all the information. This article will break the topic down into an easy to understand introduction to magnetic fields, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy, and the therapeutic benefits that can be gained through the use of PEMFs.

First things first – what are magnetic fields?

The simple definition of a magnetic field is the space around a magnet that contains a magnetic force. If you hold two magnets of the same polarity and try to force them to touch, you’ll feel the resistance. That’s a magnetic field at work.

There is a natural magnetic field on Earth, created by changes to molten metal at the Earth’s core and the planet’s rotation. Some magnetic fields are static – they don’t move. Others are moving and changing. These changing magnetic fields can produce an electric field, and the same is true in reverse: a changing electric field generates a magnetic field. Moving electrical charges produce electromagnetic fields that impact any other charged objects nearby.

Your body contains natural electric and magnetic fields, and the energy produced by the electromagnetic exchange between cells is what keeps your body working as it should. When this energy is disrupted, cells are damaged. When cells are damaged, the body is not healthy.

“good” vs. “bad” electromagnetic fields

Pulsed Electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) are dynamic, moving fields that can penetrate deep inside the body to create cellular change and a multitude of therapeutic benefits. Static magnetic fields, in contrast, most often can only impact close to the surface of the body. PEMF therapy is a widely used method of improving circulation and provoking cell repair.

PEMFs used for health benefits are not the same as the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) generated by microwaves, cell phones and power lines. While those can be dangerous to health, PEMF machines used for therapy are much lower in frequency and produce very safe, natural electromagnetic fields that enhance, not harm, body functioning.

Frequency, intensity and length of exposure are all factors in what makes the electromagnetic fields from power lines and cell phones harmful. Known as “electro-smog” these frequencies and intensities heat up body tissues and modify genes, causing cell damage.

The PEMF devices used for therapeutic gain, on the other hand, are designed with low frequencies that balance the body's magnetic fields in a natural, safe way. Research has demonstrated that even clinical electromagnetic machines that use higher frequencies or intensity, such as MRIs, are safe – even to those operating them daily - if used properly.

PEMFs produced at a low frequency and low intensity don’t have a negative impact on healthy cells. But cells that are damaged and need extra energy can really benefit!

How do electromagnetic fields impact cells and healing?

Every time your heart beats, it produces electromagnetic energy that moves through the blood vessels to stimulate tissues at a cellular level. These natural electromagnetic fields interact with external magnetic fields. Pulsed electromagnetic fields that pass through the body impact which all of your cells.

Cells generate energy to repair and regenerate themselves, get rid of toxins, and perform their essential functions in the body. Magnetic fields boost motion of the ions and electrolytes that reside in the body’s tissues and fluids, prompting a wide range of chemical and electric actions that allow the body to heal.

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is necessary to produce the energy cells need to function. When ATP levels are low, cells become sick and are less able to regenerate or function. Pulsed electromagnetic fields help increase energy in cells by up to 500% by increasing motion of ions and electrolytes.

Electromagnetic therapy also promotes opening of cell membrane channels, which allows nutrients to enter the cell and waste to be more easily removed. Organs are made up of tissues, which are in turn made up of cells of the same type. Maintaining cellular function, therefore, also allows organs to function well. Keeping all the cells in your body at peak performance helps to slow the aging process as well.

What are the benefits of PEMF therapy?

PEMF devices can have an impact on a wide array of health conditions. New therapeutic benefits are discovered frequently as research continues on PEMF therapy. Below are some of the basic benefits you can expect when being treated with pulsed electromagnetic fields.

One of the biggest benefits of any PEMF therapy is improved circulation. Poor circulation creates unhealthy tissues. Sick red blood cells don’t hold an ideal charge, which can cause them to clump together, slowing circulation. Magnetic fields passing through the red cell and in the circulatory fluid restores its proper charge, allowing it to separate from other red cells, thus increasing circulation. Increased circulation provides the nutrition and oxygen cells need and eliminates waste.

PEMF ‘s therapy also increases chemicals that cause blood vessels to dilate. This allows for increased blood to flow through these vessels, boosting the oxygen that tissues receive. Good circulation allows tissues to heal and regenerate.

Oxygen is essential to cells’ ability to produce oxygen. PEMF therapy helps extract oxygen from the air you breathe, putting it into blood circulation where it moves through the body and is absorbed in individual cells. This cell oxygenation promotes proper metabolism.

Magnetic pulse therapy also reduces chronic inflammation. While inflammation is a natural, necessary process in the body that promotes repair of cellular damage, when it lingers too long, problems arise. Chronic inflammation can cause chronic pain. In many chronic inflammatory diseases, the removal of T cells is desirable. Research has shown that PEMFs can help aged, chronic T lymphocytes die off properly, thus decreasing the inflammatory response.

PEMFs can provide muscles with the energy they need to work harder and longer, and to recover from exertion more quickly. PEMFs can also relax muscles that are in spasm, reducing the associated pain. Regular use of PEMF therapy can also reduce the effects of natural stressors, which helps slow the accumulation of tissue damage related to stress.

Those are just a few of the important healing benefits PEMF therapy can provide. Others include accelerated bone healing and repair, immune system stimulation, improved detoxification, reduced blood pressure, better nutrient absorption, improved sleep, increased energy, and positive impacts on arthritis. The list goes on and on.

Preventing illness with PEMF therapy

Preventing illness and disease is far preferable to managing disease when they’ve reached a pathological state. Through improved circulation, cell repair, energy production, and boosting stress proteins in the cells, magnetic fields offer a wealth of preventative benefits. These stress proteins accelerate recovery from injury as well as preventing breakdown of cells. Magnetic fields restore natural balance to cells, tissues, and body functioning especially in the beginning stages of disease – often before you even realize damage has occurred!

That’s why daily use of PEMF devices is quite beneficial to general health maintenance. High intensity PEMF therapy penetrates deep into your body, reaching tissue that may be deteriorating but not yet causing symptoms.

Waiting until you have a significant health problem before trying PEMF therapy could lead to problems too ingrained to reverse completely. While PEMFs can still help manage symptoms at that point, they do not cure the condition. They help the body perform its natural functions to heal itself.

Regular PEMF therapy, used in conjunction with other therapies, including medication, can often produce better results than other treatments alone. Sound nutrition and proper hydration are also important, and some people require specific supplements to promote best results. In many circumstances, PEMFs can replace or reduce the need for pain medications. Discussion with a health care professional, along with a diagnosis and treatment plan, are all important when considering PEMF treatment for specific conditions.

Is a Teslafit system right for you?

The marketplace offers myriad PEMF devices for sale. So how can you find the one right for you? The truth is, there is no one best PEMF device. The most important step in choosing an appropriate magnetic pulse therapy machine is to know what conditions you are planning to treat. Some health issues require higher intensities to provide the best results. Others need a wide range of frequencies. Individual sensitivity can also play a part in selecting a system, as can cost.

TeslaFit offers three different high intensity models, each offering both desktop and portable options and four application coils, allowing you to select exactly the right set up for your home, professional setting or clinic. These devices are designed to provide maximum intensity , providing deeper penetration and better benefits. TeslaFit Plus and Duo systems have a background pulsed magnetic field of 10 Hertz as well as the therapeutic pulsing.

TeslaFit systems treat half the body, but also offer smaller applicators to target specific areas. The higher intensity levels of these machines means less treatment time is required to get results. All machines come with a 30 day trial period, 3 year international warranty on controllers, and 1 year warranty on applicators. All orders come with one free consultation with a PEMF doctor, and product related support on an ongoing basis via user manuals, videos, phone and email. For assistance in selecting the best model for your needs, contact us at +1 866-455-7688.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. William Pawluk is an international medical expert in the medical use of electromagnetic fields (PEMFs), with over 27 years experience. He has had academic appointments at Johns Hopkins and U of Maryland, co-hosted a natural medicine radio show for over 10 years, has appeared on The Dr OZ Show, written and done interviews and lectures on magnetics, conducted research on the use of various kinds of PEMFs on pain, wound healing, concussion, etc., and teaches professionals and consults regularly with the public on the use of magnetic therapies. He has an authoritative website https://www.drpawluk.com/, and published the book Power Tools for Health, reviewing the science and various therapy options.