Questions are powerful, and you can use them to empower your life, and to conquer stress. The beauty of it is, that you already have all the answers to your questions inside you. All you have to do is ask the questions.
If you have the courage to ask, you will find the answers
All of the world's great religions emphasize that you have the answers you seek inside you, so ancient knowledge – that you can find the answer to any questions you ask – have been known for thousands of years.
The best way to find the answers you need to your questions is just to start asking questions. Write the questions in your journal. Your questions can be as profound or as simple as you like. You can ask "Where should we have dinner tonight?" or "What's the best way to improve my career" or any other question you choose.

Answering the questions you ask
You can access the answers to your questions in various ways:
* You can just write the answers after a short period of meditation;
* You can ask for the answers to come to you before you go to sleep (have a pen and paper handy when you wake up); or
* You can simply write the questions, and trust that you will receive the answer to your questions when you're ready to receive them.

Write down your questions: the power is in the intention
When you write down your questions, the intention is powerful. As human beings, we're psychologically programmed to find the answers to questions.
Try it yourself. Write down five questions in your journal. Now set a date and time at which you will return to your journal and write down the answers.
At the time you've chosen, sit down with your journal, and take some deep breaths. If you practice meditation, then meditate for five minutes.
Now pick up your pen and rewrite the first question. Without pausing to think, write the answer. Keep writing, without pausing, for three minutes, or until you've filled the page.
Using the same process, answer the other questions you've written.
You'll be amazed when you read your answers. You have your own wisdom, and you can access that wisdom at any time you choose, just by asking questions.

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