Each of us, no matter what religious path we follow or deities we worship, has a spark of Divinity within us. This spark of Divinity is your soul or spirit or whatever you might wish to call it and if you learn to get past your learned ego then you'll find that your inner Divinity can actually provide a lot of guidance.

In reality we each have two different selves. There is the self that you've learned to be during the course of your normal earthly existence. This self has likes and dislikes and has accumulated fears, angers and stresses that can act as mental, emotional or even spiritual ego triggers to certain external stimuli.

For example, if I mention a word such as the environment, terrorism, taxes, politics, gun control or abortion then most likely you felt some sort of a deep inner reaction just to the word. That little bit of a trigger is specially designed to elicit a specific reaction within your learned ego. These unthinking, instant reactions can make it very easy for a large number of people to actually control you simply by providing different stimuli in different ways.

In Pathnotes of an American Ninja Master the author, Dr. Glenn Morris, points out when talking about the ego;

"You control it or it controls you".

Your other self is your Divine Self which is always connected to and at one with the Universe. Your Divine Self IS God, the Goddess, the Great Spirit or whatever you want to call it. It's your direct connection to your absolute, holy nature and everyone has the ability to access it and become ONE with it. Learning to get your learned ego out of the way of your Divine Self is the basis of more spiritual paths than I can easily count.

Your Divine Self is always giving you directions and input on the correct path to follow, you simply have to learn to listen to the inner voices and be guided by them. Now I have to point out that your Divine Self is always going to be working within the bounds of the Universal Laws such as the Law of Reciprocity and the Law of Attraction.

The simplest way of telling the difference between the myriad voices that you may hear in your mind is simply to look at where they are coming from. Your Divine Self CAN NOT tell you to do something that breaks one of the Universal Laws!

If you're getting the message that you should worship a Hollywood starlet and pop a cap at the Commander in Chief then I'd advise you to definitely take a look at how that mission aligns with the Universal Laws. Of course that may not be the best example right now, but you get the picture.

Your Divine Self is also constrained by the concepts of Love and Fear. There are ONLY 2 ways to respond to any stimuli or any given moment in time, through Love or through Fear. Every reaction stems from one of these concepts and if it sounds like your inner voices are telling you to respond from Fear then it's time to step back and take a closer look at what is happening within and around you.

As you begin to listen to and follow the directions of your Divine Self you'll find that the path becomes more illuminated, the load becomes lighter and the voices become louder and easier to understand. That doesn't mean that it necessarily gets easier.

You'll frequently find, especially in the beginning, that what your Divine Self is telling you to do is usually what you least want to do. Sometimes it reminds me of the old Navy SEAL motto from the 80's "The only easy day was YESTERDAY". Very few of us actually want to get out of bed at 6 am and go to the gym or go for a run on a freezing Denver winter morning, at least in the beginning.

But as you DO it, as you begin to make the incremental changes that are really transforming your body, mind and spirit to allow it to operate through higher consciousness, you might actually find that you begin to look forward to your workout, your yoga practice or your meditation sessions.

Given More Than You Can Handle
An important point to make here is that your Divine Self WILL NEVER give you more than you have the ability to handle. It may seem like the most hellish task imaginable, but if you've really been given the mission from your Divine Self then you WILL be able to accomplish it. Learning to have faith in your Divine Self and go where you are told to go will make this entire process so much easier for you.

Meditation is the way that we learn to subsume the learned ego and develop a deeper communication and knowledge of our Divine Self. I've written several books and created a number of Guided Meditation CDs so I'm not going to get too deeply into it here.

I have a free Introduction to Meditation course that you can download and begin using immediately and you can get it at; http://sae.holisticplus.org/free-meditation-exercises

Take the time to learn to listen to and trust your Divine Self and you'll find that your path will be so much more interesting. You'll also find that if you follow this process you'll eventually get to the point where you no longer view what happens to you through the dualities of right and wrong or good and bad.

You'll simply learn to adjust your perceptions of the situation to allow you to make the most of any given moment.

© 2007 by Robert Morgen

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Robert Morgen experienced a near-death kundalini awakening in 1992.

He's the author of 'Awaken Your Inner Power!' and 'The Spiritual Entrepreneur'