Living in an urban area means living with traffic and long commutes for many of us. Do you know that the average commuter spends fifteen hours a week in the car? Now that it is summer, are you going to add to your car time by driving on your vacation? If you feel as though your car is your second home, does it need some organization to make it more comfortable?

There are many things that you can do to make your drive time more enjoyable. The first one is to wash your vehicle inside and out. I am guilty of putting off this task for long periods of time. But when I get around to it, a clean car makes such a big difference in my outlook. That old car isn't so bad. It actually smells good all vacuumed and polished. I can see clearly out of the windows! So get rid of that stuff that has accumulated in the corners, clear out the backseat, and purge the trunk. Feel the space free up. Open the windows, let the air flow, like feng shui for the your car!

Just like what happens in our homes, the amount of stuff we have in our cars can overwhelm us. There are many products you can use for storage that will make your time commuting more safe, productive and enjoyable. Consider the three zones in your vehicle: the front seat, backseat and the trunk. Each area will have specific storage needs: CDs, sunglasses and work material in the front seat; entertainment for the kids in the backseat; groceries, sports equipment, first aid and road safety kits in the trunk.

Loose items can be dangerous if you happen to get in an accident. So make sure everything has a place and is stored when not in use.

Another rule that will help keep your car organized is to "clean sweep" your car each time you get out. Put things into their storage place before your leave the car. Carry items into your home or office if you are finished using them. This is a great lesson in responsibility to teach your children. Allow them to bring things into the car with them only if they agree to take them back into the house when you arrive home. You will need to lead by example.

Using these tips will also make it easier for you not to be driven to distraction. Happy and safe commuting!

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