Feng Shui can be used in any part of your home or working space, but focusing on rooms that you frequent is a good place to begin. As you will spend much of your life in your bedroom, this is where many people feel comfortable making changes first. The bedroom is not only the location in which we relax and rest, but it is also the focus of relationships and love. Without these things in balance, the rest of your life can become problematic. To begin this bedroom transformation (as well as life change), you will want to consider the Feng Shui bed options that you have and what they mean for your energy flow.

To start off any Feng Shui bed, you will want to look at the headboard structure. The material should be related to one of the five elements – fire, wood, earth, metal, or water. Next, you will want to look at the headboard’s shape to see if it is appropriate for you. Those that deal with a lot of office stress will find that a metallic headboard with a rounded shape is effective for their overall relaxation. Rectangle and square headboards are typical of those that have earth or wood element energy. The strong design of these sharp corners invokes a sense of structure and stability. The oval or the wave shaped headboard works well with the water element. Those that are creative or who are artists or musicians will find this smoothed shape soothing and helpful in promoting new ideas. However, those that are related to the fire element will find that the angular shape this element invokes is not conducive to rest, so it should be avoided.

In most cases, headboards are found in either metal or wood constructions. When looking for a Feng Shui bed design that promotes peace for you, the metal frame is best for those who work in an office setting, while those who favor stability will want to opt for the wood. The wood is grounding and can help with anxiety or pressure in the person’s outside life. But in general, it’s the shape of the headboard that is more important than the material, though if you have a choice, it’s best to find your elemental match.

Other things to keep in mind when choosing a Feng Shui bed headboard include avoiding the use of open headboards as they are not supportive to the sleeping cycle or energy balancing. Mirrors on headboards can also be problematic as they reflect energy away from those sleeping or directly onto those sleeping, disrupting their energy. Designs that include ‘poisoned arrows’ or sharp points that face those sleeping should also be avoided. Headboards that resemble tombstones or denote any sort of violence are associated with death and are not recommended as well nor are headboards with crosses. However, headboards with x’s are fine and suitable.

Moving to the opposite end of the Feng Shui bed, the footboard is something that has stricter rules. It can not be any higher in height than the mattress of the bed as this will block the flow of energy into the bed, creating disruptions for those sleeping there. But lower styled footboards are fine, and will allow for a nice design as well as even flow of energy.

Where you put your Feng Shui bed is nearly as important as which kind of bed you choose. Placing a bed by the window is not a good Feng Shui practice as it allows energy to flow out of it, hurting the energy flow for those sleeping. The bed should be placed alongside a solid wall that prevents this from happening. But that wall should not be one that is shared by the bathroom, as the water energy is draining. Other tips include:

• Do not place the bed underneath a ceiling fan

• Do not have the bed facing the doorway

• Do place a bedroom light to the side of the bed, rather than over the bed

• Do place clocks to the side of the bed

Clutter is another factor that can influence your Feng Shui bed. By having too many things surrounding your bed, you can create problems with energy flow. A dresser at the foot of your bed is a good example of this.

In terms of a Feng Shui bed for your children, a bunk bed is not the best way to go. While it might seem more convenient, it actually causes disruptions of energy with the support bars as well as limits energy of the one sleeping on the top bunk.

Where you sleep is crucial to how you face the world each day. By taking the time to find a Feng Shui bed that matches your personal element as well as increases energy flow, you will wake up refreshed each morning and ready for whatever comes your way.

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