“Live, live, live!--Life is a banquet and some poor suckers are starving to death.” Auntie Mame

Auntie Mame is my hero. As a fictional character in Patrick Dennis’s, 1955 novel and the 1958 movie starring Rosalind Russell, (by the same name) for me, she captures the essence of a “Yes!” life.

It’s the story of a wealthy, orphaned boy, who is left, during a cocktail party, on the gold chaise-lounge of his Auntie Mame, in 1928. The wacky adventures of this pair extend from a plunge into the Deep South, to a short lived sales career, to a stint on the stage; all the while shattering conventional thinking with laborious laughter.

Auntie Mame led an opulent, flamboyant, exuberant and infectious lifestyle; she inspired intrigue and captured my imagination. The world was her playground and she believed that life was too short to live in dabbles of limiting proportions.

When the stock market crashed a year later so did her world but not her determination for life. No more extravagant parties or nights on the town, she couldn’t pay her servants and now she was responsible for the care and upbringing of Patrick, her ward. She was not derailed for long, however. She did what other people did in those times—she picked herself up, brushed herself off and looked for work. She hadn’t worked a day in her life yet somehow she found the courage and strength to let go of her former lifestyle to sell toys at Macy’s Department Store.

Now days when people are faced with such financial difficulty the first thing they do is to continue to maintain the lifestyle they are accustomed to. They pull out a two and one eighth inch by three and three eighths inch piece of plastic and CHARGE! This is a desperate act of perpetual insanity. What ever happened to “living within your means?” I digress.

The point is that in order to have what you want you must be willing to imagine a world beyond your present circumstances. You must be willing to recognize that through the power of communication you are a healer.

Everyone has an Auntie Mame in their life; someone who sparks their imagination and illuminates possibilities. These people touch our soul or Spirit and truly bring us closer to God.

Sally the Tramp first spark my imagination, at the age of ten. Astride a chocolate mare she journeyed on to my parent’s ranch near the Sacramento River one day. Like a character out of the Wild West everything she owned was tied to her saddle bags. Her tattered felt hat shadowed her well worn features and her long over-coat barely hid the pistol she had holstered at her hip.

Our family gathered round the dinner table as Sally spun adventurous tales of living under the stars with only a bed roll, frying pan and a change of clothes. I don’t remember why but she handed out autographed pictures of herself and rode off as she had come. But I was changed. I had had a glimpsed another world beyond the ranch and I’d seen a free spirit; a free woman. I didn’t want to be her I just wanted to emulate her spirit.

Think back. Reflect for a moment on the people, you’ve met who’ve taken the road less traveled and reached beyond the status quo; someone who sparked your Spirit causing you to think differently about the world. Maybe you had an Auntie Mame figure like my Aunt Daisy who in 1945 was the scandal of Red Bluff, California when she sported a bikini and smoked cigars. Or maybe it was Mrs. Stinger, a gorgeous ex-model turned high school teacher, encouraged you to participate in a speech contest. Think about the people who have been your light who have opened your mind’s eye to a wonderful world. These people are the essence of a healer.

We usually envision a healer as someone in flowing white who lays their hand on you and Ka-pow! Ka-zam! Bam! You are healed. I don’t for a moment believe that this is how to recognize a healer. Healers are everyday people with everyday changes and challenges who by their willingness to share their light create a space for healing. Remember healing isn’t just about the physical condition. True healing extends to all parts of life; body, mind and Spirit. Therefore you don’t have to be a rocket scientist, religious or even intelligent to heal yourself or help others heal. All you need is the power of Light Love.
And you have that within you so why not use it to make a difference in the world?

Author's Bio: 

Judy Pearson, professional speaker and author is started her career in an uncommon way.

Born and raised in Northern California, graduated college and married during the Vietnam War. Judy was an ordinary house wife and mother of two teenagers when her life changed forever. In a post operative consultation her doctor dropped the news. "Tumor the size of a grapefruit, cancer in the 3rd degree, chemotherapy in two weeks." She was overwhelmed when the doctor added...

"Your mind has nothing to do with it, you must take chemotherapy."

Sometimes you just have to take stock and take a stand. A pivotal decision was made to explore the world of alternative and natural health care. Scared yet determined, she acquainted herself with naturopaths, chiropractors, and herbalist. Studying psychology, theology and different philosophies she took a common sense approach to self healing. As Judy puts it, "I thought I couldn't set foot in a health food store unless I wore Birkenstocks and never shaved my legs. But I did it anyway."

Life is an exploration as Judy discovered the secret connection between healthy communication and a healthy body she realized that communication is the hub of the wheel of life. Everything we hear, say and act upon affects our relationships, leadership, careers, finances and well being.

Learning first hand the value of living life light, communicating effectively and developing the qualities of an Unconquerable Spirit, Judy has been healthy for over 25 years. She lives in Portland Oregon with her family and Taz the dachshund.

Today Judy speaks to major corporations, businesses, associations, colleges, and universities around the nation sharing her communication expertise, humorous stories and passion for life. Her mission is to work with people who want to make a difference in the world.