One-to-One Coaching Questionnaire:

How Much Would I Benefit?

If you're contemplating coaching, simply fill out this quiz and see how much there is to gain from working with the Gay Guys Coach.

Answer the questions below by ticking the appropriate box and calculating your score as follows:

2 points = Agree / Not Applicable
1 point = Agree Sometimes
0 point = Disagree

1. I am clear about my personal and professional goals

2. My work and personal life is in balance

3. I have a group of friends or family that support me

4. There are no obstacles in my work or personal life

5. I have a clear idea of the vision and values I have for my life

6. I have plenty of self-confidence

7. My life has meaning

8. I am excited about life and its opportunities

9. I have a life beyond the club scene

10. I make the most out of the opportunities that come to me

11. I am happy and fulfilled in my personal life

12. I have a positive attitude to life

13. People respect me and my opinions

14. I have a good reputation and I am respected at work

15. I am clear about what I want and where I’m going in my work life

16. I know where I really add value in my work and focus on that

17. I know what my true values are

17. I enjoy my work life and get the most out of it

19. I build on my strengths and delegate my weaknesses

20. I am excited about my career and it inspires me

21. I have systems in place to work smarter not harder

22. I always get the best from people in my personal life

23. I always get the best from people in my work life

24. I want something more out of my life

25. I earn what I want to be earning

Total Score

If you scored 0 - 20 points
You are confident with some areas of your life, but could hugely improve in others. You would achieve the maximum benefit from coaching, in both your personal and your professional life. A coach will help you to establish your values and strengths, clarify your vision, strengthen your foundations and tap into what you want your life to be truly like and help you to make it happen!

If you scored 21-40 points
Well done! Life is presumably pretty good for you. However, you probably suffer from the occasional stumbling block and suspect that you could achieve much more, personally and professionally. A coach will provide you with 100% support in clearing the way to performance effectiveness and balanced integration of work and home life.

If you scored 41- 50 points
Congratulations! You are obviously close to reaching your full potential. You probably know what your vision and goals are and have a plan for achieving them. Why not enlist the help of a coach to support you in achieving the last ten or twenty percent? Coaching could be just the kick-start you need to go to the next level.

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Tania has worked with hundreds of gay men across 4 countries. She currently works with gay men over the age of 30 who have 'done' the gay scene and are looking for more meaning in their lives. Come see her at:
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