Work on Your Waste Line
Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes

I walked in the building to clock in for work one day and I overheard two women talking about me. I don’t think I was supposed to hear their conversation.

The first lady said, “He’s cute, but just a little bigger then I like them”. The other lady said, “You are right, He has the dunlap disease, where his belly dunlap over his waist."

My two co-workers were telling truth even though it hurt. Late that night I took my shirt off and looked in the mirror at my self and said “there has to be a better way”.

I called Larry Paul who is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and owner of F.A.C.E.S. Fitness and Conditioning, Inc. to ask for his advice on how to lose weight. The advice Larry gave me I was really not ready for. Mr. Paul recommended that that I either get a colon cleanse or start eating a high fiber diet. According to his research over the years, there are people that are walking around with an extra 10 to 20 pounds of waste in their colon.

I knew I needed to eat healthier and exercise more in order to look and feel better. I had to do my own research and I realized that over the last 30 years my diet was not that good and there definitely was concern for me to make the necessary changes.

I decided not to go with the colon cleanse. I found some information on fiber. I used to hear a saying , “An apple a day will keep the Dr. away.” I always knew what it said but I did not recognize the importance of the apple. Apples and other Fruits and vegetable contain fiber in them that can help remove toxins and waste from your body. Fiber is here to help remove the waste to keep you from being sick and also help prevent future illnesses.

When I research how to live better, I receive quality information on how to improve my life. I was on a break in between work and watching the Oprah Winfrey Show where she had Dr. Oz on. The segment was on how to read food labels. After watching the show I knew I needed to stay away from foods with labels that read high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated, or sugar.

After the show I went grocery shopping. I wanted to get some cereal because it was food that I could easily eat in one setting and get my day off to a good start. As I started to read the labels on the boxes of cereal I realized that there is a lot of cereal that is not healthy for us. I based this on what I learned from The Oprah Winfrey Show.

After about 30 minutes in the cereal isle I found what I was looking for. I found was Fiber One, a cereal that had no sugar and 14g of fiber with every half cup. I knew that since we need 25 to 30 grams of fiber a day that this would definitely get me off to a good start. I started to take my life higher by eating a bowl of Fiber One for breakfast each morning.

Even in the beginning when I would tell other people what I was doing they would have two responses. One response was that eating fiber would give you diarrhea or that they just couldn’t stand the taste.

The truth is that when you increase fiber in your diet you will likely have more bowel movements. Most people I talk to have only one bowel movement a day. This change in your diet should not cause you to have diarrhea.

The taste was the other thing I had to deal with. You can add flavor to the cereal by adding raisins, bananas, and apples from time to time. When I run out of milk I add the cereal into oatmeal. You can eat it in your salad as croutons or top off your yogurt with a healthy crunch.

Along with exercise fiber is not the only thing you should eat. Please consult with your physician so that they can properly plan a breakthrough system for you. I’m writing this article because I know there is someone else out there just like me. The results I have seen in a little over three months have been incredible. I lost 25 pounds and two inches in my waist.

Once I began to eat better and exercise more it gave me more energy to get me through the day. I have been able to accomplish more while sleeping less. I started with the fiber then I was able to keep changing other things about my diet. One thing lead to another and I even brought my cholesterol down 30 plus points.

Find a twenty pound weight and put it in your book bag and carry it around all day. This is the extra weight that I had been carrying around the last ten years. Then when you remove the bag you will know what it will be like once you make the necessary changes in your life. If you are one who does not need to lose weight please research your diet because your colon can still be full of waste, toxins, and eventually diseases that can lead to death.

I’m usually a happy person but now I’m ecstatic. When I look in the mirror I see what you can see. I went from 235 down to 205. It has been over eight years since I could even think about being close to 200 pounds.

What do you have to lose? Only a few pounds and some negative lifestyle habits. I had to change my thinking just like you do. We all can be transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2). If this information does not apply to you in this article then do the next best thing and pass this on to a friend or loved one.

I hear things like this all the time. “I have wasted my life away.” “They are just a waste of time.” My waste used to be my waist. Men, you can lose 15 to 20 pounds and get into a new pair of stylish pants. Women, you can now be empowered to wear the dress of your dreams.

I came back to work after coming off vacation and now people were recognizing my new look. The two women I had mentioned earlier wanted to know what I was doing to take my life to another level. The same advice I gave them is the same advice that I will leave you with. If you want to look fine then “Work On Your Waste Line.”

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