When you live your life without intention, you're like a ship without a rudder. You float wherever the currents take you. When storms break, you're in danger of being swamped, or wrecked.
Setting an intention for every project and task is vital. It makes everything do you easier, and you'll eliminate the stress which comes from anxiety and self-doubt.

Anxiety and self doubt are signs that you've lost your intention
What are you doing right now which triggers anxiety and self-doubt in you? Take a moment to think, and write it down.
Now write: "What's my intention in this situation?"
Your intention gives you a rudder, it lets you steer your way through all the stresses and tensions in your life.
For example, perhaps you're swamped with projects at work. Several projects are overdue. You list all your projects, and ask yourself what your intention is for each one.
You discover that your major intention for your projects was to be seen as competent by others: this is what is causing your anxiety and self-doubt.
As soon as you write this down, you realize that you have no control over how others see you, but you do have control over what you do. You redefine your intention for each project, deciding that primarily your intention is to complete your projects as well as possible, in the time you have available. You delegate several of the projects, and complete the others in record time.
Setting your intention is also vital in relationships. It helps to eliminate stress and arguments. It can also help you to end relationships which are not working – and to be relaxed about letting those relationships go.

Set your intention at the start of every day
Once you see how well setting intentions works, you'll want to set your intention at the start of each day.
Your intention for a day can be anything at all. You can set intentions to eat healthily, just for that day. Or to be calm and serene that day, letting the storms of life blow over you and away.
Write down your intentions. Write, "Today, I want_________"
Or write: "Today, I will ____________"
Keep your intentions short, positive, and focused on you. You can't make intentions for other people.

How did your day go?
At the end of each day, look at your journal and write down whether you managed to keep your intention for that day. You will not always be able to keep your intentions, but just having an intention makes all the difference. Try it.

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