The time of menopause approaching and happening is different from woman to woman and happens for diverse reasons. Some women have to deal with early menopause due to surgery, extreme stress and other unnatural occurrences. But it eventually happens to every woman; as early as the mid thirties or as late as the late fifties.

It certainly is a big change and can have its challenges. For some it may be frightening because they don’t know what they are in for and how to cope with all the possible symptoms. There are things we need to deal with not many of us have knowledge about or experience with. Among those are sudden weight gain, hot flashes, indigestion, physical changes in appearance like unwanted hair growth, allergies, fluctuations in energy and emotional instability up to depression.

Working with a health counselor at this daunting time is a good idea because it has many benefits. Some of them are:

• Gaining understanding of what is physically happening in the body
Learning methods to diminish or eliminate symptoms
• Getting educated about alternative and safe options for hormone production
• Being coached in dietary changes that promote healthy weight
• Obtaining knowledge of how to keep bones, breasts and the heart healthy
• Having more energy and a positive outlook on the future

One very important thing for perimenopause and menopause is a modification of one’s diet. As we grow older our bodies change. And with the extreme transformation in our endocrine system in menopause comes the necessity to adjust our eating habits.

That can be scary and challenging for many. Most women want to be healthy and do the right thing. But with Big Pharma and the Food Industry’s deceiving advertisements it is not an easy task to figure out what is the right way of eating and how to stay healthy without over loading our bodies with chemicals. It is also important to take into consideration that we are all unique and one woman’s perfect food can be another woman’s poison. A health counselor can work with you on your specific challenges and will coach you to better health and well-being. Typically it won’t take very long for your body to respond and you will be off to feeling healthy and happy in no time.

I have found that menopause doesn’t have to be scary for women. It actually can be very interesting and many women enjoy discovering their wisdom and the courage to voice it. They deal differently with their surroundings and take pleasure in taking care of themselves. Christiane Northrup, MD, the author of ‘The Wisdom of Menopause” says, ‘The brain catches fire at menopause’.

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Birgit Witherspoon is a Holistic Health Counselor and the founder of bbalanced. As a Nutrition Consultant, workshop facilitator and speaker she focuses on life cycle transitions, nutrition modifications and balance of work and life. For more information on her programs contact Birgit at