Mention Feng Shui and you most likely conjure up images of dragons, statures and all Chinese ornaments. And if you are familiar with the Chinese cultures and customs, you would know that the color red is considered to be a lucky color.

However, do you know the color red is not always a luck color in Feng Shui? I let you in on this secret tip which is simple yet powerful to help improve the Feng Shui of your place.

In certain cases, the color red is considered to be unlucky and when used wrongly would create bad Feng Shui.

In the lunar year 2007 (which will end before the Lunar New Year in 2008), the most unlucky star (start number 5) is in the North East Sector. In other words, houses and offices with main door facing the North East direction would most likely be receiving negative energy (To take the measurement, stand inside your office or your home or the room. Face the door. Take a compass and look at the direction that the compass needle is pointing).

The number 5 star’s negative energy can manifest in many forms and is associated with bad luck in areas of health and wealth. The number 5 star is of the earth element.

In Feng Shui, the color red represents “fire”; and in the Feng Shui’s 5 Elements theory, “fire” creates “earth”. (Imagine a pile of ashes after something is burnt). Thus, using red color will strengthen the earth energy of the unlucky number 5 star and its negative energy, which is something you would want to avoid at all costs.

Thus, avoid using red carpets or hanging anything red if your door is facing the North East direction.

In the lunar year 2008, the unlucky star number 5 will fly to the South sector. Be careful and make sure that you do not have any red-colored objects in that area when the Lunar New Year comes in 2008.

In fact, in Feng Shui, there is no “lucky color”. The application of colors is to make sure that it is in harmony with the elements.

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