Beware! Acupuncture is just one part of our time tested health care system. As Licensed Acupuncturists, our scope of practice includes diagnosis, Chinese herbology, body movement, stretching, breathing exercises, food therapy, massage, moxabution, gua sha, cupping and more. Also, Chinese medicine is not limited to emergency medicine and excels at PREVENTIVE medicine. Your practitioner can determine imbalances BEFORE they turn into health problems. Why not strengthen your immune system before you get sick?

Why is Chinese medicine different from Western medicine? Because it is an energetic medicine. The reason we get sick, have pain, or don’t feel well is because of imbalances in the Qi (pronounced chee) or vital life energy that needs to be properly circulating in our bodies within a 24 hour period. Just like how your blood needs to circulate continuously so does your Qi for you to be healthy. Licensed acupuncturists have the ability to assess where the imbalances in your energy are and correct it. This can be achieved with any of the various methods that Oriental medicine uses. For example if you have acid reflux you may be advised to avoid certain foods and to use certain herbal formulas to correct your energy imbalance that is causing your health problem.

If you suffer from a sports injury your Licensed Acupuncturist may use Oriental massage, gua sha or cupping in addition to acupuncture. Gua sha is friction applied to the skin that moves stuck blood, promoting normal circulation to the muscles, tissues, and organs. Cupping is applying glass cups with a vacuum created inside directly to the skin. Cupping is mainly recommended for the treatment of pain, gastro-intestinal disorders, lung diseases (especially chronic cough and asthma), and for other disorders as well. So even though our legal title is Licensed Acupuncturist, we are practitioners of traditional Oriental medicine which includes all these awesome tools and modalities.

Licensed acupuncturists are general practitioners…we can treat your body, mind, and emotions. Many people know we that can relieve your aches and pains, but we can also help you get over colds and flu faster, help you with digestive and bowel problems, and more We can also treat, or be complimentary in serious diseases like AIDS, cancer, and hepatitis. Did you know that the hospitals in China that did the best job in protecting people against SARS by combining both western and Chinese medicine.

Consider that Acupuncture is traditionally based on an entire system of healthcare that includes diagnosis, prevention, and other therapies like herbal formulas, body movement exercises, and food cures.

STOP and ask yourself this key question…what would you feel like without pain? What would you do with your life if you had more energy? When you feel the difference in your health and well-being after a series of treatments you will know what it feels like to move beyond your present level of health.

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