How often have you heard someone say “Why doesn’t my life work?” Or “Nothing Ever goes right for me.” Or thought to yourself: “What’s wrong with my life?”

It’s so easy to think that you are a victim of diabolical forces that have conspired to hand you a fistful of misery. But Quantum Physics is proving that we create our own reality. The life we have is the one we manifested. We are Conscious Creators or UnConscious Creators. Our thoughts and our emotions are the magnets that attract the consequences we experience. They are energy packets that go out into the world and bring back like energy.

If you hate your job, you are only going to wallow in angst and frustration there, or find a new job that is equally unpleasant. If you choose instead to envision a better working environment and happy relationships with co-workers--and you put out that energy--you will see an improvement. If you are struggling financially and focusing on your lack of money, the Universe with bring you a LACK. However, if you think of yourself as wealthy, happy and abundant, then money will begin flowing your way. If you hate your body, that energy will keep you stuck in a negative spiral. Begin to love yourself and accept who you are, and you will attract joy for yourself and love from others.

What’s happened to your life is that you have become an UnConscious Creator. You are creating your own future through default. You’re letting your negative thoughts and emotions rule your life. If you want to stop asking “What is wrong with my life?,” start by asking “What is right with my life?”

· Look at your assets and what you have to be grateful for. Gratitude is a great place to begin the process of transformation. The Universe responds to gratitude by bringing more things for which to be grateful.

· Then begin monitoring your thoughts. How are you self-sabotaging your life with negative thoughts and emotions? If it helps to bring it to the front of your mind, keep a list of negative thoughts that emerge into your consciousness. Take that notepad with you everywhere—at home, at work, in the car, in meetings, and with your partner, lover or spouse. Catch yourself in the act!

· Consciously begin changing those thoughts and feelings. Ask what is the opposite thought you might propose? What thought and emotion will create the positive energy that will draw forth your desired result? Think from the perspective of what it would be like to be in the space where your desire is already present.

· Whenever in doubt, spout love! Love, kindness and compassion are the most powerful emotions and thoughts that resonate with the Universe. These will not only come back to you, but they will help you pave a pathway to your new reality.

· Become a Conscious Creator. Start creating your new life by envisioning it with love! Create a mind image of life as you would like to experience it—with all the incredible aspects that bring you happiness. See it in detail …and feel it! Revel in the emotions of what it feels like to be there.

Do this regularly and you are on your way to transforming your life! And you’ll also be helping the world. A happy person adds positive energy into the planet’s consciousness and begins transforming the Earth to a happier, more loving and compassionate place. So do us all a favor, and start Consciously Creating your own joy.

Author's Bio: 

Jackie Lapin is the author of "The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World" -- an No. 1 best seller --and founder of United World Healing, an organization dedicated to united people for simultaneous synchronized visions to heal the world.

Lapin has been a Conscious Creator all of her life, starting at the age of 11 when she envisioned the sports writing career that took her to the Detroit Free Press and Washington Post. After 30 years as a leading public relations expert, she then focused her powers of Conscious Creation on developing her acclaimed book and then founding United World Healing. The author/speaker/coach is being hailed as “Earth’s Cheerleader,” unifying people with a single vision and mission to create a positive future.

Lapin travels the world teaching people how they can shape their our personal future and the future of the planet. This is vital information for anyone wanting to Consciously Create love, joy, peace and prosperity in his or her life--and bring the same to the world! Her book "The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World" is humanity’s ultimate manual on how to begin Consciously Creating the future, rather than allowing Unconscious Creation to rule our lives and our habitat. She puts everything in the context of our "personal frequency management" -- its power to attract what we choose, resonate with Universal flow and influence the world around us.
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