Cut Down the Number of Cigarettes when you try to quit seem not work (or maybe it just happen to me)

Here some technique to cut down:
Smoke Half of each cigarette
Postpone urge to smoke
Eat something if you want to smoke
decide when to smoke

And the goal is: You will finally downgrade cigarette substance to your body.

Why doesn’t works?

In my experience, cut down method is the most hardest and un-fun method to quit. Cut down method deals on self sabotage. What I mean is when you want to quit smoking; Mental is the most part to deal with. This method does do just the opposite.

When you deal with argue to smoke or just saying “habit”, mentally you are developing the image that smoking is fun and enjoyable. This mental picture will become bigger and clearer when you feed it. Let me explain it to you:

Imagine you love to hug your wife or husband or child, and when you are in the office you really miss him/her. You are waiting and waiting till the office off hour bell ringing, and then you see the clock still at 2 PM. How does you feels? How does the filling bigger and bigger every minute? Do you feel your mood become not good?

The same effect is similar with cut down method. When you postpone to smoking you are in big danger. You will feel not in the mood and then you will search for pleasure. For smoker the pleasure is to light up cigarette. The next thing is mental picture become bigger. Just note this; bigger the picture, harder to banish.

That’s why cut down method not work or me. The simplest way and also the fun way is not to gaining bigger picture, just do the opposite, smaller the mental picture. When it shrink you will banish it easily then smoking habit will become history.

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