At the moment Coaches are restricted to one basic method of coaching, 1 to 1. However, the telephone can become very expensive while face to face meetings have geographical limitations. Both are dependant upon the client being available when the coach is and vice versa.

Embracing the internet is not just about having an internet presence; it is very easy to become distracted as a coach with a website, many coaches end-up with spending far too much time creating and adding to their website than actually coaching, this is not what I mean about embracing the internet. I mean coaches should start to make the Internet work for them and create money, clients and time rather than costing them money, time and ultimately clients.

By embracing the internet not only can your business increase but different incomes become available. With the internet we now have distribution at the speed of thought. It is available on a 24/7 basis with no geographical limitations. The cost of delivery is negligible, coaching becomes more affordable to clients therefore demand for coaching increases giving the coach multiple revenue streams. The coach can access their platform anywhere in the world, if the coach can get to an internet café they can connect to their clients.

More money --- more clients--- more time

By embracing the Internet the coach can add additional services to their Coaching Business. The clients now have the ability to purchase programmes that suits their budget, time restraints and particular issue in their lives.

Example 1: Self Coaching programmes, the client is able to work on their chosen coaching programme at a time that suits them. No longer do they have to fit in with their coach, they have the ability to open their coaching programmes and self coach at anytime, anywhere, at a price that match their budget. Self coaching can offer many things not least the affordability, self coaching programmes offer a deeper, meaningful, enriching experience some say a spiritual enlightenment. The client doesn’t have any thoughts about being “judged” by the coach, as many clients do, even if it is subconsciously. The client or coach for that matter is not distracted; they are not looking at the time thinking they have another call to do, or need to hurry and get to the point or feel they need to get a result within the time allocated. With Self coaching the client is using the power of the written word, which in turn encourages the client to be more open, honest and specific, it doesn’t matter how long it takes for the client to get to a point or issue, it is all done in their time and because they are working for themselves they take ownership of the coaching sessions, goals made and tasks created, giving them better and longer lasting results. As the coach is not involved in these self coaching programmes, the only thing the coach needs to do is accept the passive income, add these clients to their database and choose to upgrade them to other coaching programmes or service levels at a later stage.

Example 2: Interactive coaching programmes, by adding these programmes to your services, the coach can now interact with the client through the coaching sessions, however, the client is always in control, and they set the pace and work as and when they wish. The coach responds to the sessions sent through to them and coaches the client on the session submitted. This enables the client to work at a time that suits them, the coach can access the platform from anywhere in the world, this takes up a fraction of the time needed to respond to the sessions compared to having the client on the telephone or in a 1 to 1 session. This is an amazing form of coaching and needs to be experienced by both the coach and client to be truly appreciated. By using the power of the written word again neither the client nor the coach are distracted by body language or time pressures. The client can take as long as they wish the most interesting aspect of this form of coaching is not necessarily what the client has written, but very quickly the coach is able to read between the lines and in some cases pick up on issues that were never mentioned but are definitely present with the client. This form of coaching is almost an intuitive form of coaching the client receives a greater and deeper form of coaching than by the usual 1 to 1 method. Interactive coaching is not email coaching, email coaching has its limitations, and clients are reluctant to correspond through email concerning their coaching issues. Emails tend to be short and to the point this is not Interactive Coaching.

Example 3: By embracing the internet, coaches can even add the Best of the Best in the industry. How would you like to add to your list of services to your clients the ability for them to be coached by a master? Let’s say your niche is business coaching – but you have a client who also needs spiritual coaching. How do you handle this at the moment? Are you in conflict or do you recommend someone else with this niche? How would you feel about being able to offer your clients self or interactive coaching programmes that have been created by Deepak Chopra? This increases the profile of the coach simply by having Deepak on their list of services or catalogue. Consider your client was being coached by you in your niche but also able to purchase from you a self coaching programme created by Deepak – what a tremendous service you have to offer. Now add Bryon Katie, Michael Port, Bob Proctor, Melina Leshinsky and many more. This now becomes an impressive catalogue for the coach and a further income stream, just by embracing the internet.

These are just 3 examples of why coaches should now consider embracing the internet, the internet increases the coaches income, enables the coach to have an unlimited number of clients and to have more time on their hands.

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Sarah has been involved with Coaching for some considerable time and as a self taught Internet Marketer and web designer she was delighted to be involved with the conception of Interactive Coaching and assisting in the creation and Beta testing of the first Interactive Coaching Platform for Coaches.She now heads the support team in the uk and eire. Interactive Coaching is now, as like many of the accredted coaches, her prefered method of coaching.
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