Tony wrote and asked men a question... what should men put first his work or his woman? Well I'm now writing to the girls....

So if you are a woman in a relationship or a woman thinking about being in a relationship here's what you need to know!

A man, and by that I mean a real man, will find time to focus on both his work and his woman... BUT if your attention is on everything else, the kids, your work, the television, your mother, being successful etc even a real man will get tired of finding his attention ignored or even worse rejected.

So if you are feeling that you're not getting the attention you want either from your long term partner or the guy you're's what you need to do!

Give him the attention He wants...AND this will definitely look and feel different to the type of attention you want.

Just like Tony coaches men to understand what women want, we need to do the here's the top 5 things all men want...

Peace and quiet!! I love the bit in Chris Rock's video where he says men just want to get in the door before we start talking to them!

Acknowledge your man for the way he has handled everything and anything... be it a problem at work, taking the kids somewhere, changing a light bulb...and even the very little things like bringing some shopping in or booking a great restaurant.

You being happy! Yes believe it or not HE is happy if you are.... unconsciouly he feels responsible even if he isn't... and the reverse applies, if you are unhappy he feels responsible too.

Caring for his individual whims.. Tony loves a tidy house, now that doesn't mean I have to do everything around the house, it just means that if I tidy up he loves are that simple to please... so think about it... what could you do right now that he would love? maybe its a foot massage or his favourite meal tonight or some more peace and quiet whilst the football is on!

Being interested in his interests...this could be his work challenges, his golf game, his exercise routine, his political view, his mothers illness or his profits spreadsheet etc etc..AND this looks like Asking Him Questions and really listening, not giving him advice!!

I guarantee if you do this he will feel fantastic and will resume (or start) to give you the kind of attention you want...
Let me know how it all goes....

Nicki Vee x

Your Blog Coach

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