How many times have you started a project and, as you approached completion, found yourself losing momentum? How many near misses have you had with success?

In my youth, I was a musician. I practiced with bands for about 15 years in all. One thing I became incredibly aware of is that as my bands got well versed in performing certain songs, we all found ourselves hating them. As I got older, I found the same thing to be true of many types of projects. Quite frequently as we progress through a goal, we started to burn out. Often this burn out leads to us abandoning our goal.

Learning from experience, I've figured out that if you get burned out on a project, it simply means to take a full steam attitude. When you hit burn out, you're almost there!

It is important to keep the momentum going because if you lose it, it is likely to be impossible to get it back.

Here are a few suggestions on how to handle the burn out:

* Listen to something inspirational. It doesn't matter if it is Heavy Metal or Tony Robbins, just get yourself psyched up about your project!
* Fire up the coffee maker and try to push some overtime. It is often better to strive for a 12 hour stint than keep the momentum from day to day.
* Reread your goals or project plans. Often if you simply refocus on your intended goal as it is written explicitly, you'll find that second wind!
* Eat lighter meals more frequently. Staying just a bit hungry always seems to make me work harder!
* Visualize the project completed. Feel it, smell it, see it and imagine how it will in some way make life better!
Remember anything worth having is worth striving for. I hope these suggestions will help you reach your goals!

All the best to you!
Bill White
The Biggest Deal, Inc.

Author's Bio: 

Bill White is Pres/CEO of The Biggest Deal, Inc. He is a cancer and bankruptcy survivor who after several visions and experiences turned his life around. The Biggest Deal, Inc. was founded on the principles of Life Balance and the fact that a higher power guides us to our destiny. Be sure to visit us at