Do you remember the intentions you made for this year, this month, or maybe even for today? Or have you lost your focus? Right now is the perfect time to refocus.

Why is it so easy to lose our focus? Most of us move through our day as a matter of habit and simply “go through the motions.” We move from one thing to the next in a state of unconsciousness, while our minds easily wonder. Our “present moment thinking” is about reliving something that happened last night or last week or imagining what’s going to happen tonight or this weekend. Most of us have gotten into the habit of using our thoughts to move back and forth on our life’s timeline rather than focusing on the present.

There is so much in the world before our eyes to distract us. We wake-up and from the moment we get out of bed most of us are bombarded with radio, television, advertising, billboards, telephones ringing, and plenty of noise all vying for our attention. All of these distractions blend in with our daily habits and our wondering minds keep us disconnected from the present moment. Most of us live somewhat “hypnotized,” living in a “trance state of being.”

How to maintain your focus:

Set daily Intentions
Setting daily intentions are powerful tools. An intention concentrates your energy and focuses it on a specific direction. Combine the habit of setting your daily intentions with other daily habits. For instance, set your daily intentions as you shower, brush your teeth, or commute to work. Intentions can be about anything you want to focus your energy on. Here are some examples:
My intention today is to complete my project.
My intention is to receive the gifts offered to me today.
My intention today is to solve a problem.
My intention today is to exercise and eat healthy.

Create Affirmation Cards
Affirmations are short, positive statements that state your intentions. Colorful sticky notes are wonderful for affirmation reminders. Place them on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator or work space. A white or colored 3 X 5 card slips nicely into a pocket or wallet. Here are some examples:
I am healthy and happy.
I appreciate my life and all the people who share it with me today.
I celebrate all the wonders of this day.
I have the perfect job.

Use your cell phone alarm
Most cell phones allow you to set up to five alarms. Every two to three hours, set an alarm with a chime or place it on vibrate to get your attention. When the alarm rings, become present in the moment. Notice who and what is around you. Give thanks for where you are and what you are doing. Remember your daily intentions. Restate your daily affirmations.

Today is the day for you to refocus your energy and take the next step in the direction of your dreams. And remember to enjoy the journey!

Author's Bio: 

Sharon Marquart is the founder and Director of Living at YES!  She is a Certified Holistic Life Coach and teacher of metaphysics. 
Sharon has been teaching for more than 12 years. As a dynamic teacher, motivational speaker, life coach and successful author Sharon inspires hundreds of men and women to live their best lives and achieve their objectives. Sharon has been able to accomplish this by applying the methods and philosophies of metaphysics to the practicality of everyday life. Her presentations have been described as inspiring, encouraging, lively, powerful and customized for each specific group or organization.