What’s this thing we call love?
Where and how do we find it?
Do friends lead us there?
They do.
But the love we find with them is not often THE one we seek.

But it is love --- warm and special and sweet ---
As comfortable as an old shoe --- as warm as a terrycloth robe.

It’s wonderful. A friend can be the wind beneath your wings,
The warm, rising updraft that helps you soar and fly.

But what’s that OTHER thing called love?
The one that makes you dizzy and faint…
Makes you want to sing,
And laugh.
Gets you giddy --- even when you’re old enough “to know better”.

“THEY’ say, “you’ll know it when you find it”…
I say, how? Can you give me a hint?

How about just a little help here…
I’m not very good at riddles.

Oh, you’ll know it when you find it….
It’ll happen when you least expect it….
Yep, it’ll hit you right between the eyes….
You’ll just know….

I got hit right between the eyes once when I wasn’t expecting it.
Hurt like the dickens.

I heard the same thing can happen if you’re not careful with love.
Maybe I should keep my guard up just in case…

Or maybe I should take a chance,
Lower the drawbridge and raise the gate.
Step out again into the world
Carefully, gingerly…
But with the expectation of finding what I’m looking for.

Could that be the secret?
I don’t know.
What do YOU think?

© Copyright 2005 All Rights Reserved Ed Runci

Author's Bio: 

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the Kaye Clinic for Ultra Rapid Detox (www.kayerapiddetox.com
). Retired US Army officer. Founder/Director of the US military's most successful Alcohol and Drug Abuse Residential Rehab Facility of its time. IT and Executive Coaching Consultant. IT Advisor to Devonshire Holdings Inc., Investment Banking Consultants and Corporate Financial Advisors. Entrepreneur. Writer.