· Be happy with who you are and what you currently have in your life.

· Be grateful and appreciate everything.

· See the good in everything you can, and look for something you can learn from things that have not gone as well as you would like.

· Focus on what you want rather on the its absence,.

· Decide how you feel and what feelings you want to experience and then be open to ways of allowing things to come into your life that help create wonderful feelings.

· Define abundance, what does it mean to you? How is it defined? Define it in terms of how you would like to be feeling,

· Take the time to really listen to those close to you,

· Savour each moment, laugh and feel joy,

· Keep a laughter journal and focus on the good.

· Be yourself and be proud to be who are you,

· Find your passions and what you love- the money will follow

· Do something wacky and outrageous every day

With abundant blessings
Amanda Goldston

Author's Bio: 

Amanda Goldston is an Intuition and Abundance Coach with over 12 years experience of Empowering people to find the Greatness that is within them. Amanda has a natural gift to help people to quickly identify and clear limiting beliefs and blocks to success
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