Lots of men ask me the question above and it’s a great question for men. It’s said and I agree, men are only able to focus on one thing at a time, often leaving themselves with the classic dilemma thinking it’s all either black or white.

What works massively well for me is to plan my work day and plan my woman day, in other words what am I going to do today that will move my vision, my purpose and my business forward in the direction I desire and get great results for my audience and customers and what can I do to make my woman’s day a special day for us and her. All this I see as my job and when I do it well I really do have it all, a feeling of fulfillment on the business front and a woman that loves me unconditionally. All I am doing is meeting my own needs as well as meeting her needs at a very high level.

Now this is easier than it sounds, yes I take her on surprise trips, last weekend it was a surprise trip to London to see her favorite show Mama Mia, then a great restaurant and hotel, this was a two day extravaganza of surprises. Yesterday it was lots of kisses and cuddles and telling her how beautiful she is (this is easy every day as well as free). Both will get your intimate relationship unbelievable results.

My moto is - Enjoy life for you both...

Tony Vee

PS. If you’re a man and you lack ideas and inspiration of what to do to make your life and your woman’s life magic and fun, feel free to ask me for help…


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