“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” –Albert Einstein

Intuition is an incredible resource and gift that we have been given to help us live our best lives. I like to call it my internal GPS device. Unfortunately, not many people know what it is or how to use it. The word intuition means “in to you” in Latin. Theologian, Florence Scovel Shinn, once said, “Intuition is a spiritual faculty that doesn’t explain, but simply points the way.” It is also believed that intuition is your divine Spirit talking to you. If you would stop for a moment and ponder this concept, you would begin to realize the incredible power you have—that every answer to every question is right there within you. And you don’t even have to get any special training to start using it. All you need to do is raise your awareness about it and set your intention to harness, cultivate and trust it.

Intuitive messages range from an inkling to a strong sign or message. Your inner self is persistent and consistent. It will keep trying to get your attention until you receive the message. An “inkling” is like a glimmer or fleeting thought that comes from somewhere inside that you can’t quite put your finger on. A “hunch” is a bit stronger in that you may feel a certain knowing about something. Intuitive urges are accurate information from a higher intelligence. An intuitive message ranges from hearing actual words, seeing a clear picture, or a deep inner knowing. Some people experience intuition as a feeling, others a gut reaction, some experience intuition as thoughts, others see images or have a dream, while some hear an actual message. Become familiar with how your inner self communicates with you. Then you will easily recognize it and begin trusting your intuition.

The best ways to cultivate your intuition are:

1. Be Quiet
Practice taking time out every day to experience silence. Calm your mind with traditional or active meditation. Release your need to think, analyze, and know everything. Listen.

2. Be Open
Open to the gift of intuition and accept what is has to tell you. Many times, our rational mind thinks it has it “all figured out,” and that keeps us from reaching our true potential and experiencing new opportunities.

3. Be Creative
Creativity comes in many forms: painting, writing, dancing, design, cooking. Do something that helps you get into the “flow,” that place where time seems to fly by and the work is leading you. Creativity is an expression of your spirit and goes hand-in-hand with intuitive guidance.

4. Be Curious
When you ask yourself questions, you gain additional insight and clarity. When you ask a question like, “What is the next step I need to take?” Know that you already know what you need to know and the answer will be revealed.

5. Journal
While writing, you tap into thoughts, feelings, ideas and direction that you are not consciously aware of. Writing allows the truth to come forth and is an easy way to unleash and gain insight from your inner self.

Have fun with this and trust yourself. Once you become aware of how powerful your intuition really is and trust it, it will become your sixth sense—as trustworthy and commonplace as your other five senses!

Love and Blessings,
Dawn McIntyre

Author's Bio: 

Dawn McIntyre is no ordinary intuitive. She is a trained and verified professional with a deep desire to enlighten those who want to know more about manifesting a life of beauty and truth.

Since childhood, Dawn discovered her gifts of foresight, intuition and the ability to see and hear those who have passed on before us. She specializes in connecting with the Divine through coaching and individual readings. With the assistance of personal guides, sacred souls and angels, she provides gentle advice, solves problems and removes obstacles. Her intuition allows for a deep sense of knowing and understanding events and people in the past, present and future. Dawn’s gift of being a clear conduit to spirit allows her to guide you in the manifestation of your heart’s desires with ease and grace.

For the past 20years, Dawn has honed her professional skills and training, including studying under world-renowned psychic Sonia Choquette in the Six-Sensory® program, best-selling author Doreen Virtue in the Angel Therapy Practitioner® series and Orin & DaBen, founders of the Awakening Your Light Body program. Dawn has also studied the secrets of manifestation in great detail from many masters.

Dawn is also the Official Guide to Manifestation for Self Growth.
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