An "expert", according to Neils Bohr, Danish physicist and Nobel prize winner, is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field. So, without apology or shyness in the least, I have boldly declared myself long ago an "Expert in Personal Power".

How did I reach such a lofty place within myself, you may ask? Well, the answer is simple really: I took a deep breath and decided to play full out and willfully risked it all to learn from many so-called mistakes!

To be brazenly direct (which is what I'm generally hired for), I don't look at anything as a mistake. It seems silly to judge like that. Instead, I view all of my experiences as lessons, gifts, insights, eye-openers, and valuable knowledge that leveraged me to the top of my game early in life.

I have had the privilege of meeting and exceeding every single goal I have ever made for myself and then some. Once I achieved my once-unattainable goals, my new objective became focused on giving back to you. I have been teaching and developing in others how to live fully, smoothly, and without fear or limits ever since.

It took me a while, but I had to test my theories, prove myself, and write my thesis that is now a best-selling book in personal power: "You Must Be Out of Your Mind".

To be quite honest, like many of you, I'm only JUST getting started. I haven't even peaked yet, which is kind of exciting news at my age.

So if you want to be an expert in something, dive in...get messy and learn a ton to share with the rest of us. Look for the lessons in everything; and, for heaven's sake, keep that fire that I know is in you lit fully and up high for all to see and feel.

Oh...and be sure to remember that nothing or no one can better qualify you or deem you more worthy than YOU. You are your toughest critic. The sooner you get that, the happier you'll be. And remember, I am your fellow diver.

Author's Bio: 

Personal Power Expert Michelle Rigg has relentlessly dedicated her life to finding and developing an inner, "no mind", pure heart voice that cuts through pain and hopelessness like a hot knife through butter. She has written and published two books: "The Strength of Being Out of Your Mind" and her latest book "You Must Be Out of Your Mind: A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating More Power in Your Life."

The lessons taught in Michelle's books, audio recordings, home study program, and one-on-one training can be applied to create more wealth, a stronger business, increased inner strength, improved self-esteem, deepened intimacy and authenticity in relationships, and increased general happiness.

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